Mac App Store update helps to prevent unwanted purchases

Those of you who have purchased apps on the Mac App store over the past few days, will have noticed that Apple delivered a small but welcome tweak to the Mac App Store. Apple Has included a step In the purchase process in the form of a window that pops up when you click “Purchase” , asking you to confirm your decision.

For those of you who’s credit card has been charged due to an unfortunate click of a button, you’ll find this to be a great addition to protect you random clicking accidents. For those of you who have never purchased an app by accident, this will simply be an irritant that doubles the clicking required to actually get the app you want.

If you belong in the second group, then unfortunately you will just have to get used to it, since the Mac App Store doesn’t allow you to toggle the purchase confirmation off, as in the iOS App Store.

What do you think? Is this a good idea or not?