Will Apple release new MacBook Pros in March?

We have often speculated in the past whether Apple would upgrade their MBP’s anytime soon, according to Danish blogger KennethLund.dk his source in one of the major Danish Apple resellers claims that MacBook Pro models are on tight supply but that the newly updated models will arrive on March 1st.

What makes this rumor more plausible than most other dates we have heard in the past is that March 1st falls on a Tuesday which is typical for Apple’s releases.

The MacBook Pro was last updated in April of 2010 and is due for an update. The MacBook Pro will likely adopt Intel’s new Sandy Bridge processor, even though Intel suffered some manufacturing setbacks they claim that any delay will be minimal.

It will be interesting to see if Kenneth is on track, and if his source has some legit information for us, we will keep you posted.


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