Best Buy Mexico planning Feb 19. iWork ’11 event!

Either this is a big hoax, or Best Buy Mexico seriously let the cat out of the sack, AppleBitch spottednew page on Best Buy Mexico announcing a launch event on February 19th at 7PM for the rumored iWork ’11 productivity software suite from Apple.

The webpage describes an event where you can “visit Best Buy on February 19th and find out what you can do with iWork ’11”. While this is obviously not an official announcement from Apple, this event is a good indication that iWork ’11 is nearing release. We hope it is at least, otherwise there’s going to be a fairly unhappy crowd at a Best Buy in Mexico on February 19th.

The iWork ’11 event is currently listed on the front page of Best Buy Mexico, with the entry linking to the feature page with the broader description.