Will Apple release new Macbook Pro’s Thursday Feb 24th

It has been a while since we last saw a MacBook Pro update, however as we have reported in the past week, the rumors of an update have intensified. The previous MacBook Pros were released almost one year ago with Intel’s Core i5 and i7 processors.

Since the news of the latest Intel Sandy Bridge processors was released it has been expected that Apple would update the MacBook Pro line, since the processors are expected to be a significant improvement over last year’s processors.

MacBook Pro stock has been dwindling internationally and this morning two Italian sites reported that the new machines are said to be making their way to resellers towards the end of the month with a released date of this Thursday or Friday.

According to 9to5mac.com Best Buy has released the following part numbers and prices:

MC724LL/A-SKU# 9755395 – $1499 – 13 inch
MC700LL/A-SKU# 9755322 – $1199 – 13 inch
MC725LL/A-SKU# 1535918 – $2499 – 17 inch
MC723LL/A-SKU# 1535845 – $2199 – 15 inch
MC721LL/A-SKU# 1535836 – $1799 – 15 inch


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