Mac OS X Lion Adds Recovery Partition Support

The new Apple Mac OS X Lion adds several new and cool features to the OS, one of the most interesting features is the support for a recovery partition as part of the OS installation. Apple is making the tools and resources available to you that will allow you to perform disk repair and recoveries on your MacBook/MacBook Pro while on the road or on your desktop Mac at home. The utilities will be readily available and therefore you won’t have to go hunting for that always elusive DVD or USB stick.

This is because the new partition labeled Recovery HD acts just like the DVDs and USB sticks that Apple has traditionally shipped with its computers.

You simply press and hold the Option key after starting your Mac. You are eventually presented with a list of the available boot partitions. You use the arrow keys to select the boot drive and press Return. The system will then boot from the selected disk. In this instance you would choose the Recovery HD disk to access the Mac OS X Lion recovery partition.

It looks like Apple is going to have another blockbuster OS release later this year. I don’t know about you, but I cannot wait until Lion hits store shelves (virtual or otherwise).


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