If you bought your iPad within the last 2 weeks you get a $100 refund


If for some reason you have been living under a rock during the past few weeks, or has simply just been ignoring the news and purchased an iPad within the past 2 weeks, then you’re eligible for a $100 discount from Apple, according to website Electric Pig.

Apple’s handling it the same way as they handle their refund process for Macs that have been obsoleted within a couple of weeks of a new revision being announced: just go into your local Apple Store or call up Apple, prove you bought your iPad within the past fourteen days, easiest done by showing them a receipt, and they’ll give you a refund of $100, €100, or £100.

Giving refunds on obsoleted products is one of the nicer things Apple does. I mean, yeah, it’d be nicer if they actually allowed you to return your iPad, but hey, what are they going to do with them now?