Apple asks developers to update Apps for iPad 2 launch

Earlier Apple posted a note on the iOS Dev Center as well as on the webpage that lists the new features of the upcoming iOS 4.3, in this note Apple is asking developers to update their apps for the iPad 2, in order to take advantage of the improved hardware performances of the device.

With a new A5 dual-core chip running at 1 Ghz per core, Apple clearly mentions that most operations inside applications will be faster “ouf of the box” but developers can further tune their software with tools like OpenGL Profiler for “greater performance”.

Officially Apple still hasn’t stated how much RAM went inside the iPad 2, however they did mention that the A5 chip alone should be twice as fast than the A4 in iPad 1 with graphic performances up to 9x faster.

Developers are also asked to enhance their apps “with new user experiences” thanks to the iPad 2 cameras and gyroscope + accelerometer. Apple has put the focus on the precision granted by the combination of gyroscope and accelerometer with “6-axis of motion sensing, including user acceleration, full 3D attitude, and rotation rate”.

As previously reported the iPad 2 will be released on March 11 and it will come with a special version of iOS 4.3 (containing FaceTime and Photo Booth) pre-installed.


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