Apple releases iMovie and Garageband for iPad


As expected, iMovie and GarageBand are now available on the App Store for the iPad 2 when it releases later on this week. iMovie is actually just a universal update, since the app was already available for the iPhone, but it won’t run on the original iPad (GarageBand will, however).

Both apps are available for $4.99. Note that the GarageBand download is pretty big at 370 MB, so if your iPad is already pretty full, you’ll have to delete some apps or media.

OWC adds 16 GB of RAM to the 2011 MacBook Pros


If you just bought a new MacBook Pro, but still feel like it is a “little” too slow for your taste, and you still have US$1,600 rattling around in your change purse, OWC have just the thing for you – a pair of 8 GB SODIMMs.

A 16 GB memory upgrade is just what you need to give your shiny new MacBook the oomph it really needs. Even though Apple says the new machines have an 8 GB upper memory limit, OWC says its testing confirms the MacBooks can use 16 GB of RAM.

Larry O’Connor, founder and CEO of Other World Computing said, “Our initial confirmed results, using the same ‘diglloydMedium’ CS5 testing parameters employed by, reveals a nearly 50% performance improvement with 16 GB of RAM installed vs. the factory maximum of 8 GB. This upgrade truly lets owners of the latest MacBook Pro models unleash the power of their machine with performance approaching that only previously available in Apple desktop and tower models.”

Those with slightly shallower pockets can go for the 12 GB upgrade, a mere $879.99.