How to install iMovie on a 1st-generation iPad

When Apple presented the new iMovie and GarageBand for the iPad many iPad 1 owners were wondering if they would also receive the Apps. Now however it has become clear that while GarageBand works on the older brother as well, the new version of iMovie only works on the new iPad generation.

However some original iPad owners were not content with Apple’s limitation and sought a way to install iMovie on Apple’s fist generation tablet. Here are the steps they devised:

  1. Before your start, backup your iPad in case something goes horribly wrong
  2. Purchase (US$4.99) and download the latest version of iMovie (version 1.2 on 3/11/2011)
  3. Download and install the iPhone Configuration Utility (IPCU) from Apple. Version 3.3 forMac or Windows
  4. Launch IPCU and click on the Library —-> Applications. If iMovie is present in this list, then this step is completed and you can move to step 5. If iMovie is not present, then you will need to add it manually by clicking on the “Add” button and selecting the application from the “/Users/[my account]/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Mobile Applications” folder
  5. Within IPCU, navigate to devices, select your iPad and click on the applications associated with the tablet device. Scroll down to iMovie and select the “Install” button to add the application to your device.
  6. Wait a few seconds to iMovie to install onto your tablet.
  7. Quit IPCU and restart your iPad.
  8. Launch iMovie and edit movies that were imported from your iTunes library.

While the App works, you need to know that when you try to sync iTunes with your iOS device, then you will receive the alert that this device is no longer authorized for use with your iTunes account.

This error arises from the unexpected presence of iMovie on your first generation iPad. At this point, you can authorize it and let iTunes process your response and prompt you again. You can also click “Don’t Authorize” and let iTunes remove iMovie from your iPad or click cancel and move on.

Unfortunately, this annoyance with iTunes will continue until you remove iMovie. A small price to pay in order to edit video on your first generation Apple tablet.


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