Switzerland most Mac loving country on earth

Copied from tuaw.com

The official Pingdom blog did a little research into Mac market share around the world according to StatCounter (all based on browser visits to a pretty solid sample of 3 million websites), and it turns out that Switzerland is the most Mac country in the world. OS X has a 17.61 percent market share there, making it the country with the highest share on the planet. We’ve actually heard this before — the Macworld Expo has been to Switzerland, and there are a number of terrific Apple Stores in that country as well. The Swiss really love their quality computers, apparently.

Luxembourg follows next on the list, and the United States comes in at third with 15.36 percent Mac share. The United Kingdom, strangely, didn’t make it into the top 10 of the list at all, and the Mac share in Asia, where Apple is making big pushes lately, is only 1.61 percent. Granted, one percent of a couple billion computers is still a lot, but you’d expect that to grow over the next few years.

The least Mac-savvy region in the entire world? South America, where Mac OS X, according to these numbers, claims only a 1.08 percent market share. Looks like more of our friends to the south will have to look into just how enjoyable using a Mac can be.