International iPad shipping times start at 2-3 weeks!

Well this was almost to be expected, in the first few days after the US release of the iPad 2 the shipping time increased to several weeks, now the international launch has already started in some countries, these however are recording order times of 2-3 weeks before it is delivered. Imagine what that number will be like later when the iPad reaches all countries!

Our suggestion is unless you can wait for your iPad, then you should really head to your nearest Apple Store and wait in line. Expect supplies to be even more constrained abroad than in the United States, though.

WordPress blogs optimized for iPads!

If you have tried reaching our site from an iPad you will undoubtedly have noticed a huge change in the layout. WordPress is the world’s most popular blogging tool, with over 25 million users. The iPad is the world’s most popular tablet device, with over 17 million shipped in 2010. What happens when you get these two popular kids together?

Magic.Automattic Inc, the company behind WordPress, announced a new iPad-optimized view for all and self-hosted WordPress blogs. The company has developed a new plug-in in cooperation with Onswipe that provides iPad users with a special experience, featuring touch controls that provide navigation of WordPress blogs through swiping, rotation and other gestures. The plug-in even knows how to properly format content based on the orientation of the iPad.

The plug-in is entirely HTML5-compliant, and it can be customized from the WordPress Dashboard to create a magazine-like cover page, display a logo on the cover and choose from nine different skins to match the overall theme of your site. For users, the plug-in is available with a touch. Self-hosted WordPress users just need to install the Onswipe plug-in available here.