Google “Tilt” on your iDevice and see what will happen!!!


This is pretty funny, the guys at posted this funny tidbit!

Grab your iDevice, open Safari, and use the Google search box to search for “tilt”.

Your search results are… tilted like the image above!


Facebook app receives update, now allows user to unfriend!

Facebook has updated its popular iOS app today. The 3.4 version of the app adds several new features, the foremost of which lets you unfriend people right from your iPhone. Besides making it easier to get rid of those annoying “friends,” the updated app also features:

  • a new map view for Places
  • the ability to check in to Events that you’re attending
  • improved News Feed
  • improved notifications UI

Unfortunatly for the readers who were hoping that the update would bring the “Book” to iPad, you’re going to have to hope a little longer as Facebook shows no signs of bringing an iPad app to market in the near future.

For those who already own the App you can find the update in the app store, for the rest of you, the app is available through the app store, or through iTunes.