White iPhone 4 appears in Verizon inventory


After a ten month delay, the mythical white iPhone 4 is almost upon us. Earlier this week Bloomberg reported that the white iPhone 4 would be shipping by the end of this month on both the Verizon and AT&T networks. And now 9to5 Mac has posted the above image which shows white iPhone 4s have hit Verizon’s inventory.

In the screenshot the 32 GB white iPhone 4 is listed as model number MC679LL/A. Just as with white and black iPad 2s, the model number for the white iPhone 4 is one digit higher than the model number for the black iPhone 4. Now the question is: once the white iPhone 4s ship, do those of you who’ve wanted one since last June rush out and buy one, or do you wait for the iPhone 5, which might not be shipping until this fall?