Apple Releases Xcode 4.1 Developer Preview 3

Apple has released the third version of its developer preview for Xcode 4.1. The new update according to Apple:

This is a pre-release version of Xcode 4.1 for both Mac and iOS development. This release requires Mac OS X Lion Developer Preview 2 Update and includes iOS SDK 4.3. Continue to use Xcode 3.2.5 or Xcode 4 on a Snow Leopard partition if you plan to submit Mac or iOS apps to the App Store.

Xcode 4.1 Preview 3 includes these new features:

• Updated to support Mac OS X 10.7 Lion preview 3 and include iOS SDK 4.3
• Improved Assistant editor logic when switching among different file types
• Fixed a bug that prevented indexing of some projects
• Fixed a bug related to nil settings in the Core Data model editor
• Fixed a bug in LLVM GCC 4.2 and LLVM compiler 2.0 for iOS projects
• Additional bug fixes and stability improvements

You can download Xcode 4.1 Developer Preview 3 from Mac Dev Center.


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