What Apple device would you save if your house was on fire?


In honor of the Daily Challenge on WordPress, to post a blog every single day for 365 days I have decided to answer their question today.

So if your house was on fire what would you save first, and since this is an Apple blog I have decided to modify this question to include only Apple devices.

  1. I would without doubt save my MacBook Pro since it has my entire life on it, ok I do have a backup time machine, but still without my Mac I might as well just stay in the house.
  2. Second I would save my iPhone 4 since this has all my contacts as well as a truck load of SMSs and other irreplaceable information on it.
  3. I would then if I had time save my iPad.
There you have it, this is my list of things I would save first if my house was on fire, feel free to drop us a comment with your important possessions. t

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