Lion Server to cost $50 and be downloadable from Mac App Store

Many users will not know what a Mac OS X server is, the reason for this is most likely that unless you are familiar with IT you most likely never considered this option, the reason being that in the past if you wanted to set up a Mac OS X-based server, you bought a separate DVD with an expensive license. Most will remember that when Snow Leopard Server was released it came with a $499 price tag.

Now, it appears that Lion Server is going to be a $49.99 set of apps that you’ll purchase through the Mac App Store. For those who are currently running the latest version of Mac OS X Server 10.6, updating will be as simple as visiting the Mac App Store once Lion ships in July, then clicking a few times to buy, download, and install the new server OS on your Mac.

Below are some of the features that the Lion Server includes:

  •  A Server App for setting up user accounts, creating groups, checking usage, and managing AirPort devices. There’s no word on whether that $50 buys you an unlimited license, but that seems likely as Apple hasn’t stated otherwise.
  •  A Profile Manager to set up and remotely manage Lion workstations and iOS devices.
  •  Wireless File Sharing for iPad
  •  Push notifications
  •  Wiki Server 3, iCal Server 3, Mail Server 3
  •  Xsan

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