Lion allows Macs to act as web kiosk with Restart to Safari feature

One of the more than 200 unadvertised features that the next Mac OS X Lion will include is the fact that it enables a Mac to be used as an internet kiosk and nothing else.

The new feature is called “Restart to Safari” and can be found on the user lock screen and allows unauthorized users to use the Mac only to browse the Web. When in “Restart to Safari” mode, the only window that will appear is a Safari window.

There are several benefits to the “Restart to Safari” feature. First, it will allow unauthorized users (those without logins) of the Mac the use the computer as a web kiosk.

Another use for “Restart to Safari” is to allow the Mac to access the internet so that Find My Mac can locate the computer if it’s missing. If the laptop is stolen, the thief won’t be able to access your personal files, but may continue to use the Mac in “Restart to Safari” mode, thus enabling time for Find My Mac to locate the missing computer.

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