Apple Cash supply bigger than most competitors combined!!

For those of you who are good at reading graphs, you will notice that the graph above shows something very interesting, as Horace Deidu of Asymco found out Apple actually has enough cash and liquid assets to buy every phone manufacturer except for Samsung.

The numbers below prove this:

  • Apple $70 billion
  • Nokia $22.6 billion
  • RIM $13.8 billion
  • HTC $25.4 billion
  • Motorola Mobility $4.2 billion
  • Sony Ericsson $3.0 billion
  • Samsung $53 billion
  • LG $10 billion

As companies like Nokia and RIM continue to decline, Apple’s cash could increase to the point where it can gobble up Samsung, too. Obviously, regulators would not let this happen, but it’s still fun to think about.


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