How iCloud Will Change the Process of Writing.

On June 6th the entire technology world waited impatiently for the introduction of Apples new clod service, iCloud. Most people were looking forward to finally being able to transfer their music from iTunes to their iDevice without the need for cables, when Steve Jobs however added that users would also be able to transfer documents the entire writing community turned the volume up.

Currently authors, myself included, have to save their work on different platforms for instance, if I want to work on my current article on my iPad then I must first transfer it from my Mac either through iTunes or by e-mailing it to myself. I constantly need to make sure all my devices are updated otherwise I could end up working on the wrong copy of the article.

Well all of that is about to change, thanks to Apples new iCloud your progress will automatically be updated on all devices as you are working on them. In other words if I open pages on my iPad and add a new paragraph to the article, then it will automatically be sent to both my iPhone and iPad without me having to do anything.

In other words in the future writers can focus on writing their articles and novels without having to worry about keeping their copies up to date, while this is a small step for Apple in moving towards a universe without physical hard drives it is a giant leap in how writers will save their projects.

Personally I think this is the best news I have heard in ages, and I am sure iCloud will make working on my next novel a much more stress free task.

Article first published as How iCloud Will Change the Process of Writing on Technorati.

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