iTunes Connect down for maintenance, Lion release imminent?

Those of you who have tried to use The Mac App Store, iTunes Store, and App Store will have been experiencing fairly serious connectivity issues over the past several hours. Quickly the speculations started to fly, would Apple release the long awaited OS X Lion today already, despite plenty of evidence suggesting it won’t hit until July 14 at the earliest.

Now however  MacRumors has heard from developers that Apple intends to take iTunes Connect down for most of July 13 for “scheduled maintenance.”
itunes connect

This downtime will be an inconvenience to developers, just as today’s intermittent App Store issues have inconvenienced potential buyers. None of this makes for a particularly inspiring prelude to the OS X Lion launch; Lion is around 4 GB in size, and with at least tens of thousands of downloads likely on the first day of availability, the Lion launch day is likely to be Apple’s most bandwidth-intensive day ever.

We are still hoping to see the lion roar tomorrow, and will keep you updated if they do decide to release the beast!


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