Apple shuts down OS X Downloads Page.

Do you remember Apple’s OS X Downloads page? That page used to be a resource for many of the best apps and widgets on the Mac.

We say “used to” because the OS X Downloads page has actually been shut down and replaced with a pretty Mac App Store banner.

Apple emailed its developers back in December with the following message,

“Because we believe the Mac App Store will be the best destination for users to discover, purchase, and download your apps, we will no longer offer apps on the Mac OS X Downloads site. Instead, beginning January 6, we will be directing users to explore the range of apps available on the Mac App Store.

We appreciate your support of the Mac platform and hope you’ll take advantage of this new opportunity to showcase your apps to even more users.”

It took over six months, but Apple has finally closed the doors on the OS X Downloads page. This move precedes the launch of OS X Lion, which will be offered exclusively through the Mac App Store.

Before the Mac App Store, the OS X Downloads page was the best place for developers to showcase their apps. Apple’s intense focus on its App Store ecosystem no longer leaves room for a resource like the OS X Downloads page.

Widgets for the Mac can still be accessed through a new, independent webpage. It’s unclear as to whether Apple will implement a widget category into the Mac App Store.

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