Hong Kong Has More iPads Per Person Than Any Other Country

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Wow these numbers are amazing Apple’s iPad is so popular in Hong Kong that one in six Hong Kong citizens own the device.

That means around 17% of Hong Kong’s people own an iPad, according to MIC Gadget, which is six times the global average of 3%. The market research was carried out by TNS, who surveyed 34,000 people from 43 countries — 501 of which were in Hong Kong.

What’s just as impressive is that 50% of those in Hong Kong said that intend to purchase a tablet, which is higher than the global average of 15%. In comparison with China, where only 2.1% of citizens own an iPad, just 5.9% of its people said they plan to buy one. And in the U.S.? 5.3% of Americans own a tablet, and 20.3% intend to buy one.

Of course, Apple’s device dominates everyone’s wish-list. Over the past 12 months, 500,000 tablets have been sold in Hong Kong, with a staggering nine out of ten being the iPad. However, MIC Gadget doesn’t believe all of those iPads will be used by their purchasers:

The data is stunning, however, we don’t believe the locals are using it after buying it, since there’s a grey market in the city, where you can sell the iPads for profits. So, how many of the devices were bought by locals and how many by tourists could not be confirmed.

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