Amazon Unveils The Kindle Fire Table to compete with the iPad

Amazon just announced its long anticipated tablet, the Kindle Fire. And while the hardware doesn’t compete with iPad, the price certainly is: it’s a fully-featured tablet with access to millions of apps, games, songs, movies, TV shows and books, all for just $199.

Running a custom version of Android 2.1, the tablet exists as a way of consolidating all of Amazon’s incredible libraries of content: shopping, streaming, music, video on demand, apps and more.

Powered by an unknown dual-core processor, the Kindle Fire weighs just 14.6 ounces. Despite this, early impressions of the Kindle Fire switching between tasks make it appear that the Kindle Fire is actually extremely fast.

The display is a 7-inch IPS touch panel with a Gorilla Glass screen. It’s got a fairly high, but not Retina Display, pixel density of 169 pixels per inch. Not bad. Demos suggest the screen is actually very responsive.

The price? $199, which is incredible. It’s available for preorder from Amazon now, and will ship on November 15th.


Apple preparing HUGE iTunes Store updates in many European Countries

Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita reports that Apple is set to launch the iTunes Music Store in ten new European Union (EU) countries. While the exact timing of the launch is unknown, sources have indicated that Apple could launch the services “at any time”, possibly as soon as next month.

Furthermore the company also seems to be rolling out access to iTunes movie sales and rentals in a number of European countries where it already offers music content.

Movie from Danish iTunes Store

While Apple has not yet added a dedicated movie section to the iTunes Store in these new markets, but content is accessible through the store’s search function.

Movie from Finnish iTunes Store


FIFA Soccer 12 released for the Mac

For the FIFA fans among our readers this will be great news!!!

FIFA has finally come to the Mac, thanks to EA Sports and TransGaming. This is the first time the hugely popular soccer franchise has graced our Apple computers, bringing with it all the major changes that are introduced in FIFA 12, such as the Impact Engine, which makes for more accurate physics; and Precision Dribbling, which allows you to keep the ball better when you’re close to opposition.

FIFA Soccer 12 for Mac is $39.99, and is available as a download from GameTree Mac, what makes this even better is that this release comes days earlier than its release on consoles.

Apple confirms October 4 event Let’s talk iPhone!!!

Yesterday we reported rumors that Apple would hold their next iPhone announcement on home turf, and today we can confirm these rumors. Apple has finally confirmed the long-awaited media event, they have scheduled a press conference next Tuesday, October 4. The event will take place at Apple’s Cupertino campus in California at 10am PT.

What is interesting about the invitation is that all the icons seem to be delivering a message.

Calendar: Event will be held Tuesday Oct. 4
Time: At 10 AM
Maps: Cupertino Campus
Phone: Well we know the iPhone will be revealed…. now the BIG question is does the 1 mean we will only see 1 device or is Apple trying to throw us off.

As always we will keep you posted on where to follow the event.

Apple iPhone press event to be held on Cupertino Campus.

In the past, Apple has held its major press events at the Yerba Buena center in San Francisco. All the iPhone and the iPad announcements were held in this venue. However according to a report from AllThingsD, Apple has decided to break the  tradition and hold the October iPhone announcement on home turf, at their Cupertino campus.

The reasons for this change are not clear. It may have to do with the availability of Yerba Beuna Center or the decision of new CEO Tim Cook who may prefer to keep things closer to home. Hopefully, all this speculation about where and when this event will be held can be put to rest soon. If the rumored October date is correct, invitations should start landing in attendee’s inboxes sometime this week.

WordPress iOS App Updated!!!

It’s only fair and right that one of theworld’s most popular content management/blogging platformsshould have a snazzy and capable iPhone app to go with it. TheWordPress app has been updated to version 2.9, adding three new features for mobile users.

The new version adds handy styling buttons right above the keyboard, so you no longer have to put in your markup manually for bold or italic text, links or lists. Full-screen editing gives you more real estate to view what you’re working on, especially handy on the iPhone’s screen. You can also now follow other subscribed blogs directly in the app.

WordPress for iOS is free on the App Store.

Apple Will Reset iTunes Match Beta On Monday

Apple has sent an email to developers notifying them that their iCloud libraries housing iTunes Match data will be wiped on Monday, September 26th at 9AM PDT. The reason for the wipe is to “improve the overall quality and reliability” of the service. The news comes after Apple wiped all the iCloud backup data on Thursday, September 22nd.

iCloud and iTunes Match services have been running in developer beta for the last couple of months. The public release is scheduled for “Fall”, and it seems likely Apple will announce the ship date at their rumored October 4th media event.

iPad 2 priciest in Denmark, cheapest in the US!

Since the iPad 2 launched, several news agencies have compared the prices in different countries to see how expensive the iPad really is, most recently Reuters calculated the price of the device across Europe in comparison to the United States. The device starts at $499 in the United States for the 16 GB model and with taxes in the U.S., the device has an average total price of $547.

This compares to Europe in which most iPad 2-selling nations use the Euro as their form of currency. The iPad 2 starts at 479 euros in Europe and that converts to $678, interesting however is that Denmark seems to be the most expensive European country for the iPad, the iDevice starts at a converted $702 in Denmark, which means the iPad 2, before taxes, is over $200 cheaper in the United States than in Denmark.

MacLegion Fall Bundle Offers 10 Great Mac Apps for $50

During this past spring MacLegion released their first bundle, after having gained immense popularity, they have decided to release a 2011 Fall Bundle which consists of 10 great Mac apps for only $49.99. Valued at over $630, this bundle is a huge deal.

This year’s line of Mac apps has been hand-picked to ensure you get quality titles for your purchase. The bundle is only offered for 7 more days, so now is the time to buy!

“As always, our bundles focus on quality, practical and every-day apps that you’ll enjoy using. This hand-picked line-up ensures that all applications featured within it are the latest versions each developer has to offer. The benefit for you doesn’t stop there – MacLegion bundles entitle you to full after-sales support as well as valid upgrade paths for later software releases, just as if you had bought each application from the developers themselves. We guarantee it – Legion’s honor.”

Included apps:

You get all of those apps for only $49.99. The first 9,000 customers get the popular CleanMyMac app ($29.95 value) added to the offer. Visit the MacLegion site to buy this awesome bundle.

Apple most popular among college students

A survey of 158 college students, all undergrads, says 60 percent of new PC purchases by the group this year consisted of Macs. That’s not a huge sample, but it is a representative one, as more and more students are going with OS X-driven computers rather than the old desktop PC. According to the same study last year, Apple held only a 38 percent share, so interest in Macs among this group has almost doubled.

More students than last year also brought a tablet with them to school, though shares in that department are apparently leveling. Apple’s iPad is down a few percentage points, as is the Kindle, while the “other” category is up by 10 percent.

As volatile as those numbers are (which, unfortunately, casts a little bit of doubt on how relevant this study actually is), there are hints that these undergrads are definitely Mac-inclined in their back-to-school purchases. Apple may have become a mobile device company, but its Mac sales are still stronger than ever.