Amazon Unveils The Kindle Fire Table to compete with the iPad

Amazon just announced its long anticipated tablet, the Kindle Fire. And while the hardware doesn’t compete with iPad, the price certainly is: it’s a fully-featured tablet with access to millions of apps, games, songs, movies, TV shows and books, all for just $199.

Running a custom version of Android 2.1, the tablet exists as a way of consolidating all of Amazon’s incredible libraries of content: shopping, streaming, music, video on demand, apps and more.

Powered by an unknown dual-core processor, the Kindle Fire weighs just 14.6 ounces. Despite this, early impressions of the Kindle Fire switching between tasks make it appear that the Kindle Fire is actually extremely fast.

The display is a 7-inch IPS touch panel with a Gorilla Glass screen. It’s got a fairly high, but not Retina Display, pixel density of 169 pixels per inch. Not bad. Demos suggest the screen is actually very responsive.

The price? $199, which is incredible. It’s available for preorder from Amazon now, and will ship on November 15th.

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