Final Cut Pro X Update adds Free 30 Day Trial and XML Import

Responding to mass rioting amongst its users, Apple promised as far back as July that they would eventually be restoring XML support in Final Cut Pro X. Now it’s finally here, along with numerous other improvements.

After much criticism Apple has added a 30-day free trial, which means Apple won’t have to repay money for those users who are unhappy with their purchase.

Obviously, the biggest addition in FInal Cut Pro X’s update is the ability to import and export project in XML, meaning that users can now take XML formatted projects from FCP7 and other editing software and edit them in FCPX. In other words, Final Cut Pro X just gained a semblance of backwards compatibility.

In addition, here’s what is new:

• Support for events and projects through Xsan, the company’s technology that allows multiple computers to concurrently access storage

• Support for media stems (or audio channeling). This lets users assign a “role” to media once it’s imported, so that when it’s time to export things like dialogue, sound effects and soundtracks, those exports can be done in a single pass.

• Custom starting timecodes

• Full-screen view toggle for Mac OS X Lion users

• GPU-accelerated export (was previously only CPU-based)

Final Cut Pro X 10.1 is available through the Mac App Store either as an update or for purchase.

Apple Launches New Online Stores for Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, UAE

This is great news for our Eastern European and Arabic readers. Apple has finally launched new online stores in the Czech Republic,HungaryPoland, and the United Arab Emirates.

In True Apple style, the new online stores are advertised prominently on the respective country-specific main Apple pages, which display welcome messages on top of confetti in each country’s national colors

The new stores allow users to purchase directly from Apple, offering standard Apple pricing for the markets and integration with Apple sales and support services. With the four new stores, Apple now offers online stores for 37 countries, with several of those countries seeing their stores offered in multiple languages.

It will be interesting to see how the local Apple retailers will react to the new Online Apple Store!

Mac App Store now warns customers buying pre-installed apps

As Macworld points out Apple has added a new drop-down dialog box to the Mac App Store, the purpose of the update is to alert customers who are about to purchase an app they’ve already got installed.

Software is being added to the Mac App Store all the time. Many are new titles while several have existed long before the store did. Today, customers who bought apps before the store debuted are faced with a dilemma: update that software manually or enjoy the benefits of the Mac App Store — like simple updating and easy multi-Mac installations — buy purchasing the app a second time.

While this warning hasn’t eliminated the problem, it does tip customers off to the fact that they’re about to pay for an app they already own.

Apple seeds a new build of 10.7.2

As 9to5Mac reports, there’s a brand new build of Lion 10.7.2 out there in the wild for developers, featuring focused work on iCloud, the Mac App Store, MobileMe, and a few other places like Mail, Spotlight, Time Machine, and even things like the AddressBook and graphics drivers.

This is build 11C57, coming only a few days after the last build, 11C55. We’d like to think that the increasing frequency of releases (along with the fact that there are no known issues in this build) means that a public release is right around the corner, but of course Apple is going to take its time.

Apple Might Add Your Favorite MobileMe Feature If You Ask!

Are you still annoyed that your favorite MobileMe feature won’t be transferring over to iCloud? What will you do with all those files you have stored on your iDisk? How will you sync System Preferences between your Macs? Well, if you ask Apple nicely (and you get all your friends and family to ask, too), you might just get those features back.

One MobileMe subscriber is so unhappy that his favorite features are missing from iCloud that he emailed Tim Cook to complain.

To his surprise, he got a call back from the Apple camp in Cupertino. While the company would has no plans to reintroduce these forgotten features anytime soon, Tim’s people say “Apple is open to it if there’s enough feedback on the subject.”

So, if you’re really bummed that you can no longer publish your iWeb website to MobileMe, tell all your friends to tell all their friends’ friends to tell Apple about it — you might just get it back.

Mindjet iOS apps now free, cloud service around the corner

It’s been a big week of announcements from Mindjet. The company’s flagshipWindows version of MindManager is due to be updated on September 22.

For mindmapping on iOS devices, Mindjet’s iPhone and iPad versions now have an all-new price of nada down from US$8.99 for the iPad version.

The Mac version of MindManager is now fully Lion-compatible, although if you were running it on Snow Leopard prior to upgrading your OS you’ll need to reset your preferences before updating to the latest build; instructions are here.

Apple adds Closed captioned TV episodes to iTunes

AppleInsider reports that some TV studios are beginning to add closed captioning to their shows on iTunes. As of this writing, captions are showing up on “Sons of Anarchy,” “New Girl” and “The Secret Circle.” The update is limited to episodes from the current season of these shows.

Apple TV has offered closed captioning for many movies for quite some time, and Netflix, which is available through Apple TV, does as well. To enable closed captioning on the Apple TV, go to Settings > Video. There you’ll see the option to toggle the service on or off.

Apple releases MacBook Air EFI Firmware update

Earlier today Apple released MacBook Air EFI Firmware Update 2.1 which will fix the problems that the MBA has with with Thunderbolt performance and OS X Lion Recovery over the Internet

According to Apple, the update is intended to:

“resolve issues with Apple Thunderbolt Display compatibility and Thunderbolt Target Disk Mode performance on MacBook Air (mid 2011) models.”

Apple emphasizes that you must not interrupt your Mac’s power during the update lest you risk turning it into a very attractive brick. The update requires OS X Lion, which is pre-installed on affected model MacBook Airs.

Apple seeds OS X 10.7.2 to developers

The latest developer seed build of the next version of the Mac’s OS isavailable for download. OS X 10.7.2 build 11C55 is on Apple’s servers, and it reportedly includes iCloud beta features for testing.

NFL Team Tampa Bay Buccanners release official iPhone App

More than once in the past I might have let it slip that I am a huge fan of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, which is why I am excited to present this news, the Buccaneers have released an official iPhone and Android app for the smartphone users among its fans. According to the Buccaneers, “The new Buccaneers Mobile app for smartphones puts updated and up-to-the-minute information and stats at the fingertips of iPhone and Droid users at all times”.

In their ongoing efforts to marry football, fans and technology, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have released an exciting new app for iPhone and Droid owners.  With the Buccaneers Mobile app on their smartphones, fans can now have the Buccaneers at their fingertips everywhere they go, including and especially at Raymond James Stadium on game day.

The team continues to be an innovative leader in the NFL, as we reported earlier they are the first team to use iPads for playbooks and game-planning.  Buccaneers Head Coach Raheem Morris, who spearheaded the effort to convert the team’s playbook from paper to iPads this year, is thrilled that the franchise is once again pushing the technological envelope.

The Buccaneers Mobile app includes these exciting features, among others:

  • News: Real-time breaking news from the Buccaneers, including practice updates, injury information, locker-room interviews and more
  • Video: On-demand press conferences with Head Coach Raheem Morris, Offensive Coordinator Greg Olson and QB Josh Freeman, plus team-produced news videos featuring interviews with all the team’s star players
  • Photos: Game action, practice-field shots and special events coverage
  • Audio: Podcasts of the Buccaneers many in-season radio shows
  • Stats: Real-time team and player statistics on game day and throughout the season from the official NFL stats service, career stats, box scores and game scores from around the league
  • Standings: Division and conference standings
  • Fantasy: Several options to follow all the players on your fantasy teams
  • Rosters and depth chart: Constantly updated player information straight from the team
  • Schedule: Schedule of upcoming games, and scores/stats of previous games from the season, ticket purchase for games
  • Social Media: Twitter interface allows fans to follow player feeds and keep in touch with each other

Visit the Apple App Store and find Buccaneers Mobile by clicking here, and do the same at the Android Market by clicking here.  You can also find additional information on how to download the mobile application directly to your phone by clicking here.