Apple announces new iPod Nano!

iPod nano

Today was not only the unveiling of the new iPhone, Apple also took their time to introduce an update version of the iPod Nano. Although the same form factor, Apple’s changed the interface to be easier to navigate, mostly by making each icon take up the entire screen: you swipe between them.

The fitness experience has been improved. Out of the box, you can now track your walks and runs without adding any extra sensors or devices. Just go for a run, come back, plug it in, and your data will automatically be tracked on Nike+’s website.

Also? New clock faces have been added for people who want to use the Nano as a watch. “Why not do it right?” There’s a Mickey Mouse watch, an LED watch, and more.

The iPod nano will come in seven colors. Prices start at $129 for 8GB and $149 for 16GB.

The nano is available to buy now.

ipod nano


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