In Memory of Steve Jobs

When the news broke yesterday that Steve had passed away I didn’t know what to do or how to react, the first thing was I turned on my MacBook Pro and began writing yesterdays post about the death of a visionary. While yesterdays post was very impersonal I have decided to make todays post more personal. After all my day couldn’t function without the products created by Steve Jobs.

I grew up with Apple computers. In middle school the library was filled with Macs. Back then I couldn’t have imagined how my love for the company would evolve over the years that followed. Look at Middle Schools today, kids have MacBooks and iPads, and this is normal.

I found it interesting to read what others thought about Steve Jobs, to hear the respect he gained from those who were his main competitors. Also I was impressed when I read how many people would read the news of his death on an Apple product.

Steve Jobs will forever be missed, and always in our hearts!


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