Running Mac OS X Lion on Hackintosh machines just got easier

It Just Got Really Easy to Install Mac OS X Lion on Your Hackintosh

For those of you who want to run Mac OS X on a PC this will be great news, it just got a whole lot easier to install Lion on your hackintosh, thanks to Tonymacx86”s new “UniBeast” bootable USB drive utility.

If you are unfamiliar with the term , it is basically a PC that’s been modified to run OS X. UniBeast is a new tool that makes it easy to install Apple’s newest desktop OS, Lion, on your hackintosh. Not only does UniBeast get rid of the need for an iBoot CD, but it also creates a bootable Lion USB flash drive.

Once you have a copy of Lion from the Mac App Store, UniBeast creates all-in-one bootable Lion USB drive that can even be used for system recovery. After you use UniBeast to boot into Lion on your hackintosh, MultiBeast is used as a post-installation tool that lets you find and install your needed drivers and enable boot from hard drive.

It’s great to see tools like UniBeast and MultiBeast make hackintoshing easier. Tonymacx86 has a full and detailed tutorial on how to use both tools on his blog.


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