iPad owners read more magazines!

The iPad is the perfect tablet for consuming magazines. It’s the right size and its interactive features can make a magazine come to life. The Association of Magazine Media realizes that and asked 1,009 mobile magazine readers about their experience reading digital magazines. Not surprisingly, most respondents wanted more — more electronic newsstands, more magazines, and more issues to read.

In an age of digital entertainment which includes streaming movies, music and TV, it’s encouraging that over 90 percent of respondents said their consumption of magazines has stayed the same, or even increased, since buying a mobile device. In fact, a majority (over 60 percent) expect their digital reading level to increase in the future and want even more magazines in digital format.

Besides wanting more content to read, over 80 percent of digital consumers want to archive content for later viewing as well as share this content with friends or family. A majority (70 percent) also enjoy videos in their magazines, but want the clips to be one-minute or less. It’s an interesting survey that suggests magazines are not dying, but have to learn to adapt to the needs of a growing number of digital customers.

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