Harmful Jailbreak App records all your information and releases it online

While most Jailbreak apps will add value to your iPhone, there is a new menace on the street and it doesn’t play nice. MobileMonitor is perhaps the scariest activity monitoring tool currently being installed on iPhones, whats worse is that it’s available for anyone to download in the jailbreak equivalent to the App Store, Cydia.

The biggest problem with MobileMonitor is that once installed it becomes virtually untraceable on the iPhone, however what really makes it nasty is that it records and uploads all of your personal data to a website that can be accessed by anyone with the correct login information.

Someone with physical access to the device could install this on a jailbroken iPhone without the owner ever knowing. MobileMonitor becomes undetectable once installed, and you can only see what the package contains in Cydia once its completely uninstalled.

After the 24-hour free trial, it costs $19.90 per month to use MobileMonitor to its full potential.

The moral of the story is that there’s scary stuff out there on iOS, and you shouldn’t assume that you’re safe just because you have an iPhone. Also, if you do jailbreak, be smart about what you’re installing from Cydia.


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