Mac App Store surpasses 100 million downloads

Yesterday Apple announced that their Mac App Store has surpassed 100 million downloads, while that might not seem like much when considering the iOS App Store passed the same mark in three months, you need to remember that the Mac App Store has as much smaller user base. Furthermore it is important to remember that according to Apple these numbers don’t include the number of times that OS X Lion has been downloaded.

According to Apple’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, Phillip Schiller “In just three years the App Store changed how people get mobile apps, and now the Mac App Store is changing the traditional PC software industry,” he further adds “With more than 100 million downloads in less than a year, the Mac App Store is the largest and fastest growing PC software store in the world.”

Throughout the past few months Apple has put a lot of time into transforming the distribution channel used for their software, shifting from the boxed versions to only offering digital versions of their most popular software, most recently adding their music production suite to the Mac App Store.

Another interesting tidbit that Apple included in the press release is the fact that the iOS App Store currently sees customers downloading apps at a rate of 1 billion apps per month. Since the iOS store’s launch in July 2008, Apple has recorded a staggering 18 billion apps downloaded.

Those interested can read the full press release here.


Apple Releases iTunes 10.5.2 And iTunes Match Update

Apple Releases iTunes 10.5.2 And iTunes Match Update

Apple has released iTunes 10.5.2 to the public alongside an update to its iTunes Match service. The newversion of iTunes only deals with audio distortion issues when playing or importing certain CDs. Apple has remained vague about the specific improvements that have been made to iTunes Match.

Noting that the latest iTunes Match features “several improvements,” Apple has made its new download available in Software Update and on its website.

Here are the notes:

What’s new in iTunes 10.5.2

iTunes 10.5.2 includes several improvements for iTunes Match and fixes an audio distortion problem when playing or importing certain CDs.

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