Barbara Walters names Steve Jobs “most fascinating person of 2011″

While Steve Jobs didn’t win Times person of the year, Barbara Walters has named Apple’s co-founder as the most fascinating person of 2011,according to USA Today. What’s interesting about the choice is that so far in the 18 year history of the program, the award has always gone to a living person.

According to Walters “the Apple founder was selected much earlier in the year, when he first retired. After Jobs died, the rule was broken for him. After all, he broke so many rules during his extraordinary life.’

A businessman and a visionary, a marketing genius and a romantic, a billionaire and a Zen Buddhist, Jobs was one of a kind. His energy and vision changed the world and made him the choice for Most Fascinating Person of the Year.

For those interested there is a really good video on the ABC website, it’s really worth seeing.

Do you agree with Walters decision? Was Steve Jobs the most fascinating person of the previous year?