Localscope tops Navigation App category in the App Store Rewind 2011

Recently Apple announced their much awaited Rewind 2011, the Apple Rewind is among many developers considered to be the Oscars for the App Store.

In the Navigation category Localscope took the top position, according to their iTunes page, “Localscope is your social data powered GPS app. Always know where you are and what’s around you with Localscope!”

What is really interesting about Localscope is the fact that it lets you decide which services you search. You can use Localscope to “Search & discover places around you with information from multiple geo search engines & social networks: Google, Bing, Foursquare, Twitter, Wikimapia.”

Furthermore Localscope offers an augmented reality view which offers a third option for visualizing your search results beyond a simple list or flat, old-school map.

According to the guys behind Localscope however this is just the beginning, on their website they state “As we gear up to release what we believe to be our greatest creation ever in the upcoming weeks, we are even more excited to envision its impact on our users. Localscope 2.0 will change the way you see your world around you. It will let you look at your vicinity in ways that was never possible before. It is going to be awesome!”

Localscope is available now for $1 and requires an iPhone or iPod touch running iOS 4.0 or later.


Best Time To Launch Your New App is Sunday.

Developers pay attention!

If you are planning to release your App on the Apple App Store, then new research shows that Sunday is the best day to release it. This is according to a 17-week long analysis conducted by Mobilewalla, the mobile analytics firm.

In order to gather reliable data, the company studied the apps released on a daily basis in the iTunes App Store and Android Market between May 16th and September 8th, 2011. The company determined that 91,754 iOS apps were released into the iTunes App Store and 122,220 apps released into the Android Market.

If you are debating whether to release your App on the App Store or on the Android market then consider this according to TechCrunch,  an app released into Apple’s App Store is four times more likely to be discovered than an app released into the Android Market.

If you are wondering what day to avoid, then the answer is simple if your App is for the Android Market, then steer clear of  Thursdays as only 7% of apps reached the top 240 then during the study. On the App Store the worst day for a new release is Friday, with only 10% of apps reaching the top 240.