Failure to ask why syndrome in App development

As a Graduate student of Management I try to find things in the business world that I can apply to the development of iOS Apps. Which is why I found today’s lecture in Knowledge Management to be very interesting, we discussed the failure to ask why syndrome, in other words if something is a failure we always ask why and try to fix it, however if something is a success we don’t ask why?

Often when working on a new application for the iPhone I encounter mistakes and errors which make the app unable to run, when that happens I sit down and investigate what went wrong, however mostly when the app works as planned I don’t take the time to re-read the code to examine why the app works, the problem with this is that due to this I don’t see what I could have done better.

How about you do you take the time to explore why something went right, or do you only ask questions when something fails?

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