Best Time To Launch Your New App is Sunday.

Developers pay attention!

If you are planning to release your App on the Apple App Store, then new research shows that Sunday is the best day to release it. This is according to a 17-week long analysis conducted by Mobilewalla, the mobile analytics firm.

In order to gather reliable data, the company studied the apps released on a daily basis in the iTunes App Store and Android Market between May 16th and September 8th, 2011. The company determined that 91,754 iOS apps were released into the iTunes App Store and 122,220 apps released into the Android Market.

If you are debating whether to release your App on the App Store or on the Android market then consider this according to TechCrunch,  an app released into Apple’s App Store is four times more likely to be discovered than an app released into the Android Market.

If you are wondering what day to avoid, then the answer is simple if your App is for the Android Market, then steer clear of  Thursdays as only 7% of apps reached the top 240 then during the study. On the App Store the worst day for a new release is Friday, with only 10% of apps reaching the top 240.

Apple Cash supply bigger than most competitors combined!!

For those of you who are good at reading graphs, you will notice that the graph above shows something very interesting, as Horace Deidu of Asymco found out Apple actually has enough cash and liquid assets to buy every phone manufacturer except for Samsung.

The numbers below prove this:

  • Apple $70 billion
  • Nokia $22.6 billion
  • RIM $13.8 billion
  • HTC $25.4 billion
  • Motorola Mobility $4.2 billion
  • Sony Ericsson $3.0 billion
  • Samsung $53 billion
  • LG $10 billion

As companies like Nokia and RIM continue to decline, Apple’s cash could increase to the point where it can gobble up Samsung, too. Obviously, regulators would not let this happen, but it’s still fun to think about.