Hack allows Apple TV to run App Store Apps

This could potentially be amazing news for iOS developers, known developer Steven Troughton-Smith has been able to run iOS App Store apps on the Apple TV fullscreen at the device’s full, 720p resolution.

Readers might remember that the Apple TV was jailbroken with the latest untethered Seas0nPass jailbreak, this jailbreak added the possibility for developers to rewrite the software at the root level.

What makes this hack so cool is the fact that in order for it to work Troughton-Smith had to rewrite the iOS SpringBoard from scratch. According to cultofmac.com Steven told them that the rewritten SpringBoard was created using only QuartzCore.

Another aspect that makes this hack pretty interesting is the fact that not only has Troughton-Smith been apple to get apps to work on the Apple TV, but he has also been able to to make apps run side by side in the Apple TV. So theoretically you could be running several apps on your 42″ TV at the same time

Currently the hack remains more of a proof of concept than an actual ready for the public hack. However we believe it could be a hint at what might come in the future, what do you think will we be able to run iOS apps on the Apple TV in the near future?

Did Amazon just out the new Apple TV?

Interesting move today from Amazon.  Not only did they drop the price of Apple TV to $89.99 matching Best Buy, Amazon has also marked the product name with the number “2010” in parentheses, perhaps suggesting that there will be a 2011 or 2012 edition rolling out soon.

The existing model has been around since September 1, 2010, and a new device might very well replace the single-core A4 with a dual-core A5. That bump would help 1080p playback and smooth out the UI on the Apple TV.

Rumors are suggestion that if a new Apple TV is on the way, it would be likely to hit the market before the holiday buying binge starts — perhaps as soon as the next few days, we will keep our eyes open for any updates.


Normally I never create a post with a capitalized title, however this really can’t be stressed enough.

Yesterday Apple release an update to the Apple TV  which was set to fix a number of bugs in the 4.4 firmware, however, version 4.4.1 many users are reporting that after updating their Apple TVs have been bricked.

One 9to5Mac.com reader warns others about not updating:

Careful, it just bricked my apple TV….gave me the iTunes logo and a mini usb sign….plugging into my mac now…wish me luck….

Many say that they can bring their devices back to life by plugging them into their computers and restoring via iTunes, however, it seems the best option right now is to just steer clear of the 4.4.1 update altogether.

Apple adds Closed captioned TV episodes to iTunes

AppleInsider reports that some TV studios are beginning to add closed captioning to their shows on iTunes. As of this writing, captions are showing up on “Sons of Anarchy,” “New Girl” and “The Secret Circle.” The update is limited to episodes from the current season of these shows.

Apple TV has offered closed captioning for many movies for quite some time, and Netflix, which is available through Apple TV, does as well. To enable closed captioning on the Apple TV, go to Settings > Video. There you’ll see the option to toggle the service on or off.

Synching photos just got so much easier with Photo Stream

With the new iCloud everything seems to have gotten so much easier, you can sync your documents and apps on the go, however furthermore Apple has just announced Photo Stream, which will sync the camera roll on your iPhone or iPad to the cloud, then keep your other devices updated, including your Macs, using iPhoto or even a PC where your photos and videos will show up in the pictures folder.

Your last 1,000 pictures will be stored in the cloud, but only for 30 days. Apple doesn’t intend to replace all your local storage, but instead, provide a robust syncing service.

So take a photo on your phone. In an instant it is on your iPad, in your iPhoto library and available for big screen display on your Apple TV connected set. Go on vacation, and your pictures will be home before you are. Apple is talking about WiFi, so no word on if the service works over 3G, but we will keep you posted!

Apple to sell its 1 millionth Apple TV this month

Copied from TUAW.com

Earlier this morning, Apple announced that it expects the iOS-based Apple TV to pass the one million mark in units sold sometime later this week. The release also notes that iTunes users are renting/purchasing TV episodes and movies by the truckload (400,000 and 150,000 per day, respectively), although it’s a bit ambiguous as to whether all those cited transactions involve an Apple TV or not — our guess is ‘not.’

At a run rate of one million units sold in just one quarter — aligning nicely with JMP Research’s estimates from October — the new version of Apple’s ‘hobby’ seems to have more momentum than the original Apple TV did in the marketplace. With the lower price point of $99, the tight integration with AirPlay-enabled iPads and iPhones, and the inclusion of Netflix streaming, the Apple TV matches up pretty well with other video devices at its price point.

It’s not all sunshine and smiles in the TV-gadget market right now, however. The more ambitious and technically challenging Google TV project is hitting some major bumps; meanwhile, vendors of other set-top devices seem to be gaining momentum from the attention the Apple TV has brought to the sector. Roku in particular has seen dramatic increases in sales, which the company’s CEO attributes in part to the impact and media buzz around the Apple TV.

Apple updates iOS Remote app

Copied from TUAW.com

An update to Apple’s popular Remote application just went live in the App Store. Version 2.1 brings several new features to the table including AirPlay video support and Internet radio control. I’m not entirely sure what Apple is getting at with their “AirPlay video support to control iTunes on your computer to stream videos to an Apple TV” feature. It sounds a little Rube Goldbergbut I look forward to giving it a spin.

Here’s a complete list of the new 2.1 features, courtesy of Apple:

  • AirPlay video support to control iTunes on your computer to stream videos to an Apple TV
  • Internet radio control to play thousands of internet radio streams in iTunes on your computer
  • The ability to control iTunes on your computer to play Movies and TV shows that are rented from the iTunes Store
  • Addresses issues connecting to an iTunes library or Apple TV
  • Includes stability and performance improvements