Apple officially launches Joint Venture for Small Businesses

Even though  Apple didn’t mention it during their iPad 2 event, they have indeed as rumored, rolled out their new small business support program, Joint Venture. Here’s what Apple has to say about the new program:

Joint Venture is a program designed to help you use Mac, iPhone, and iPad to improve the way your business runs. We’ll set up your new Apple products, train your employees to get the most out of them, and make sure everything stays working with dedicated support.

Not only will Apple help you setup new systems for your business with software installation and data transfer, they’ll also train your employees on an on-going basis, allowing companies to schedule up to three two-hour training sessions per year for their employees.


Joint Venture will also support your business in times of crisis, offering access to the Genius Bar as well as telephone consultations, priority access for in-store appointments and even loaner notebooks in the form of MacBook Pros and MacBook Air for while your office machines are in for repair.

A pretty compelling offer, especially for the price: coverage begins at $499 per year for up to five system, with each additional system coverable for $99.


Apple gaining in popularity among CEO’s and managers.

At first Apple became one of the most popular brands found on college campuses, now it seems as if the Cupertino company is invading corporate boardrooms across the US. More and more managers are switching to iPads and iPhones.

We have previously reported that the iPad was becoming more and more popular among executives, and now the iPhone and Macs are following right behind, as for the iPad, the tablet is “running far ahead” of competitors, making competition for corporate dollars Apple’s game to lose, according to analyst.

Originally, brands such as Dell and RIM were seen as defacto suppliers to business, but that view has been radically altered – a move benefiting Apple. The iPad has seen a 65 percent increase in Fortune 500 use.

JP Morgan to give free iPads to their investment Bankers

We have always known that the iPad was gaining popularity within the business environment and this latest news is just another proof of exactly that, according to Bloomberg JP Morgan Chase & Co will give its investment bankers iPads in the nearest future.

A managing director with the New York based JP Morgan said in an e-mail, which obtained by Bloomberg News that:

“We believe there are real benefits in our working environment that can be realized using this device – as well as the personal productivity and enjoyment that come as part of the package.”

The move is significant, it means JP Morgan will distribute iPads for free to all associates in its global investment banking division, and will use it to get email contacts, calendar and attachments using Microsoft Outlook.

This is a thin end of the wedge as Apple continues to build momentum in the tablet market. iPad sales jumped 28 percent to 4.19 million units in the quarter ended Sept. 30, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

Survey finds that 1 in 3 iPad owners have never downloaded an app.

This will come as a surprise to many, a survey conducted among iPad owners, which is based solely on Apps, found that about a third of iPad owners have yet to download a single app – not even free ones.

According to Another group, 63 percent of the participants in a Nielsen Co. survey, is the audience likely to adopt Apple’snew App Store Economy. These iPad owners purchase their games, read books, do finances – even plan their vacations on the iPad.

The survey was conducted in August, and included 5,000 owners of iPads, iPhones, Kindles and other wireless devices.

Apple launches revamped online store for B2B Resellers.

Apple has been busy updating their website over the past couple of months, now they have released a new and better version of the Apple store for business-to-business resellers, including corporations, schools and Apple Consultants.

The revamped Apple Store for Resellers enables consultants and institutions with an Apple account to set up online orders. Individuals within an organization can log in and create proposals for orders that an authorized purchasing agent can then approve and convert to an order.

The online Apple Business Store operates worldwide, enabling companies, school campuses, consultants, training centers and certified trainers to set up a direct relationship with the company.

Microsoft releases pricing for new Mac Office 2011.

We have been waiting for this news since the first presentation of the new MS Office for the Mac, earlier this week Microsoft announced launch details for Office for Mac 2011, revealing that the productivity suite will be released in over 100 countries in late October.

The suite will come in two editions, Office for Mac Home and Student 2011 and Office for Mac Home and Business 2011.

Editions and pricing include:

Microsoft Office for Mac Home and Student 2011: Includes Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Messenger and is priced at $119 for a single install or $149 for a Family Pack allowing up to three installs in a single household.

Microsoft Office for Mac Home and Business 2011: Includes Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, and Messenger and is priced at $199 for a single install or $279 for a Multi-Pack that allows a user to install Office on two of their Macs.

Microsoft Office for Mac Academic 2011: Includes Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, and Messenger and is available for higher education students, staff, and faculty, with a single install priced at $99. This academic version may only be purchased from authorized academic stores or direct from Microsoft.

Furthermore as of today, if customers purchase Office 2008 for Mac, they will be able to upgrade to Office 2011 when it is available at no additional cost through the Microsoft Office for Mac Technology Guarantee Program.