iPhone 4S Becomes Second Most Popular Cameraphone on Flickr

Apple’s newly launched iPhone 4S has quickly shot up to become the second most popular Cameraphone on Flickr.com. Flickr’s Camera Finder page shows graphs of the popularity of both smartphones and Point and Shoot cameras.The iPhone 4S has beaten out the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, and HTC EVO 4G, but still lags behind the original iPhone 4.

The iPhone made headlines in 2009 when it became the most popular camera on Flickr, even beating out all dedicated non-smartphone cameras. The iPhone 4S still has a ways to go before dethroning the iPhone 4, which remains the most popular overall camera on Flickr.

The iPhone 4S introduced a number of significant improvements to its camera, drawingpraise from many. Arstechnica recently posted a comparison pitting the iPhone 4S camera against several others, and found the 4S with competitive image quality and the advantage of convenience.

iPhone 5 components leaked, is release imminent?


Wow, the iPhone 5 rumors are really getting interesting, the net is buzzing with images of an alleged prototype, and thanks to TVC Mail we now have more photographs of iPhone components, including the rear-facing camera, an audio flex cable, and another of its battery.

The components were first discovered by MacRumors. They are undoubtedly different to the parts currently used in the iPhone 4. They’re only subtle differences, so you’ll have to look closely, but here’s the rear-facing camera lens and the battery compared with their iPhone 4 counterparts:


Both batteries are the same shape and size, but the biggest difference is that connector. Notice on the iPhone 5 battery it sits horizontally, whereas on the iPhone 4 battery it’s vertical? There are also some differences in the text. If you look closely, the iPhone 5 battery reads ’5.3Whr’, whereas the iPhone 4 battery reads ’5.25Whr’. The new part also has a part number of 616-0580, as compared to the iPhone 4′s 616-0513 and 616-0521 part numbers


Both camera lenses are very similar — boasting embedded LED flashes which may rule out speculation that the iPhone 5 will have a separate flash. Though it could still feature a dual-LED flash. Just like the battery, the connector on the iPhone 5 lens is different to that on the iPhone 4 lens. Unfortunately there’s still no indication of this camera’s capability, but recent rumors have suggested the iPhone 5 will boast an 8-megapixel camera, an upgrade from the iPhone 4′s 5-megapixel lens.

That seems to be all for now, but hopefully we can post more in the near future as the release moves closer and closer.

Apple Begins Approving App Updates for iOS 5

The guys at CultofMac.com have dug their way through the App Store and have discovered something very interesting,  Apple has already begun approving apps for its upcoming iOS 5 software for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch — suggesting the firmware could launch as early as next month alongside the iPhone 5.

Last week, the popular Camera+ application was updated to version 2.2.3, and though its developers didn’t mention the iOS 5 software, the release notes did read:

Compatibility with that upcoming OS That Must Not Be Named.

However, the Mashable application, which was updated to version 1.5.4 yesterday, isn’t quite so subtle with its release notes — simply stating “iOS 5 compatibility.”

The approval of these updates could suggest that the public release of iOS 5 isn’t too far away, and could launch as early as next month alongside that much-anticipated iPhone 5. The iOS 5 beta is currently on its fourth release with developers, and while the software still suffers a number of minor issues that will need ironing out, there doesn’t seem to be anything major left for Apple to work on.

Shoot pictures on iOS 5 with your headphones!

Wow how come we didn’t think of this earlier, the guys at cultofmac.com have just reminded everyone that the new to iOS ability to use the volume up button on an iDevice to take a picture, will also mean that you will be able to use the volume up button on your headphones to do the same thing.

Obviously, you’ll need a headset or pair of ear buds that support Apple’s volume-up/volume-down functionality (like Apple’s official ear buds) to get this to work.

Once it’s set up, though, this is just great additional functionality for those of us who take pictures with our iPhones using a tripod, or those of us who want to take really steady shots. Just plug in your headphones, line up your iPhone on a table, and use your headset to trigger the shutter, with no resulting wobble!

Will Seventh-generation iPod nano have rear-facing camera?

Taiwanese Apple.pro has posted an image which it claims is the rear casing for the next iPod nano. The purported casing shows a hole which would house a rear facing camera. For those who think this might just be another fake, please remember that Apple.pro has a long and fruitful history with iPod nano rumors, they were the first website to post an image of a small touchscreen which later made its way into the sixth-generation iPod nano that debuted last fall.

As noted by MacRumors, when the sixth-generation iPod nano was unveiled, many loved its new form factor, but some lamented over the loss of the camera which was found in the fifth-generation iPod nano. If Apple.pro’s image is legitimate, it looks like Apple is trying to combine the best features of the two previous nanos into one.

It will be interesting to see the final product and whether it will actually feature a camera or not, we will keep you posted on any new rumors in this area.

TOP 5 iPad accessories.


So you have finally bought the new iPad, it is about time to beef it up with some of the most awesome high-end accessories. Other than the official Apple releases there are several other accessories that you simply can’t ignore, this weeks TOP 5 list deals with the top iPad accessories.

5. Pogo Sketch

ipad pogo sketch

You simply can’t own the iPad without also owning the Pogo Sketch, the pen turns your iPad into a notepad for jotting down quick notes, or provides the ability for you to draw on the iPad like you would on a piece of paper. It has an aluminum base and can perfectly interact with iPad’s capacitive display. The Pogo Sketch costs $14.95.

4. Screen Care kit for iPad

ipad screen care

If you really care about your iPad then you will have to get this accessory, every iPad needs a screen protector, and this one even comes with a cleaning cloth for your iPad. The reusable cloth removes smudges dust and fingerprints without having to use any liquid. It currently costs  $24.99.

3. BookArc for iPad

bookarc ipad

If you are familiar with the BookArc for the Macbook Pro series, then you will love this new iPad stand. Twelve South has designed a sleek and simple BookArc for iPad for comfortable viewing. Very much like the larger MacBook version, the iPad BookArc is very stylish and will fit right in, whether you will use it in your office or at home. The iPad BookArc costs $39.99.

2. iPad camera connection kit

ipad camera

The Apple’s iPad Camera Connection Kit is really one of the best iPad accessories currently out there. The kit enables you to transfer JPEG and RAW images from your camera directly to your iPad. It includes a USB and SD connector, and currently has a price tag of $29.

1. Apple Wireless Keyboard and the dock

apple keyboard dock

Our number 1 iPad accessory this week is the wireless iPad keyboard. What makes it the best accessory is the fact that you can anywhere within 30 feet from your iPad. It currently costs $69 at the Apple Store. If you already own a wireless keyboard from apple however you can also pair this with your device, a HOW TO Guide can be found on this page.