Apple most popular among college students

A survey of 158 college students, all undergrads, says 60 percent of new PC purchases by the group this year consisted of Macs. That’s not a huge sample, but it is a representative one, as more and more students are going with OS X-driven computers rather than the old desktop PC. According to the same study last year, Apple held only a 38 percent share, so interest in Macs among this group has almost doubled.

More students than last year also brought a tablet with them to school, though shares in that department are apparently leveling. Apple’s iPad is down a few percentage points, as is the Kindle, while the “other” category is up by 10 percent.

As volatile as those numbers are (which, unfortunately, casts a little bit of doubt on how relevant this study actually is), there are hints that these undergrads are definitely Mac-inclined in their back-to-school purchases. Apple may have become a mobile device company, but its Mac sales are still stronger than ever.

Apple most popular laptop brand in college dorms


To most of us this doesn’t really come as a big surprise, however now it is official, as college students start filling the campus dorms most of them will be bringing an Apple laptop with them. According to a survey An Apple MacBook is favored by 47 percent for those college students who’ve yet to purchase a computer and 27 percent of students who already own a laptop are fans of the Cupertino, California company.

Dell came second with 24%, followed by HP with 15%, while Apple does hold the pole position in college laptops, 45 percent of university students who own a desktop prefer Dell over Apple, by a wide margin. While this is interesting news, you need to look at the fact that  83 percent of college students own laptops, not desktops.