New MacBook Pros Causing Flickering in 24-Inch Cinema Displays?

Electronista over the weekend notedgrowing thread in the Apple Discussions forum regarding flickering issues being experienced by users of the new MacBook Pro paired with a 24-inch LED Cinema Display.

Users have already tried some of the more common tricks, such as resetting the SMC, but haven’t had any initial success. It also applies whether or not the AMD or Intel graphics are being used.

The Apple Discussions thread has continued to grow in the days following the original report, with at least one user reporting experiencing the issue with a 17-inch MacBook Pro.

Apple support staff are reportedly investigating the issue, having swapped out one user’s affected machine specifically to examine a unit known to be experiencing problems.Well, it appears Apple is aware of the issue. An Apple Discussions Host called me a few days ago after seeing one of my recent posts. He offered to swap my MacBook Pro for a new one so Apple Engineers can get their hands on a known bad unit. I shipped it off last night and anxiously await my replacement.

Apple officially discontinued the 24-inch LED Cinema Display last July.


iOS 4.2 gets pushed back, might not be released before Nov 24th.

While many iPad owners were hoping that today would finally be the day that iOS 4.2 would hit the market, it just didn’t happen, it simply doesn’t look like iOS 4.2 is going to drop today.

According to several news sites, a significant bug has been discovered in the iOS 4.2 GM that has prompted Apple to delay the final release. The bug apparently involves WiFi and causes the connection with the local network to drop every few minutes on both the iPad and iPhone 4.

The sites don’t seem to agree on the next supposed due date, MacStories is saying that this bug will end up delaying iOS 4.2 for as long as two weeks, according to 9to5Mac it wont take that long: they’re pegging Tuesday, November 16th as the new iOS 4.2 launch date, and finally MacRumors are saying it might be pushed back as far as November 24th, the day before Thanksgiving.

We will keep you in the loop and let you know as soon as we hear any news!


White iPhone gets delayed once again!


This is bad news for those who have been holding out on buying an iPhone simply because they want the white version According to Apple it’s going to be a while longer.

It was only last week that Apple mentioned the white iPhone 4 delay during their press conference, during the conference they said that the phone would make the way to stores at the end of July, however earlier today Apple released a very brief press release citing manufacturing challenges and a new delivery estimate for the white model: “later this year.”

Apple confesses that “White models of Apple’s new iPhone 4 have continued to be more challenging to manufacture than we originally expected, and as a result they will not be available until later this year,” However they quickly add that “The availability of the more popular iPhone 4 black models is not affected.”

So how about it, white iPhone 4 fans: Do you plan to wait until “later this year” to get one? Or will you settle for the black model?

No white iPhone 4 until end of July.


While most have forgotten, Apple is actually releasing the iPhone 4 in two colors, black and white, now while initial reports said both would be available on the release date, the truth looks much different.

Earlier today, Apple released a statement explaining why the iPhone will initially only be released in white, apparently the white iPhone has “proven more challenging to manufacture than expected.”

Below is the official Apple statement

White models of Apple’s new iPhone® 4 have proven more challenging to manufacture than expected, and as a result they will not be available until the second half of July. The availability of the more popular iPhone 4 black models is not affected.

Demand for iPads and iPhones remains higher than expected.

Image from:

While the iPhone 4 is getting most of the attention at the moment, the iPad is still running strong, the demand is still high, and now rumors are speculating that Apple be unable to meet demand until well into the autumn. It is expected that apple will sell nearly 30 million iPads during 2011.

According to other sources, the demand for the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS is also still strong, with the older models currently contributing 75 percent of all iPhone sales. according to Sterne Agee analyst Vijay Rakesh, Apple will sell 6.5 million iPads before the end of September.

Apparently the issues lie within the supply chain, more specifically the supply of the iPad touch screens, which are of the 9.7 inch LED IPS variety. There’s just not enough of them to go around. Earlier supply issues with the iPad already forced Apple to delay the international launch of the device until the end of May, and even longer in other countries.

iPhone delayed in Canada….

canada(Image courtesy 9to5Mac)

It seems as if Canadians will have to wait a little longer to get their hands on the new iPhone 4, first they were supposed to receive it at the same time as the US, then they were supposed to receive it during July, along with several other international countries. now however according to rumors the iPhone 4 has been delayed in Canada until further notice.

According to 9to5Mac  Apple’s iPhone 4 store page in Canada has made a change, and not one for the better. It now appears that even though Canada is one of the countries who were supposed to get the iPhone in July, their Apple Store now says  “Coming Soon” — which is not likely to give Canadians already chafed at being bumped into July to begin with much comfort.

A delay shouldn’t really come as a shocker — the iPad received a similar international delay by 30 days when the initial U.S. sales surprised even Apple. Given the insanity over Tuesday’s iPhone 4 pre-orders and the fact that new U.S. orders for the device won’t ship until July 14 at the earliest, we fear that our Canadian friends should brace themselves for more bad news.

What could this mean for the other European countries that are still waiting, some countries are not supposed to get the iPhone until September, will they also see delays, what do you think?

iPhone 4 gets delayed until July 14th


Yesterday we reported that Apple has suspended all pre-orders, now it seems as if the bad news just continues.

First the iPhone 4 arrival was delayed to July 2 for many pre-orders already, now it seems as if people who are still pre-ordering will have to wait until July 14th.

According to Apple’s website, if you order a phone today, you will receive it on July 14. There’s no word on the orders placed yesterday. In addition to that, rumors are floating around that Apple Store iPhone 4 pick-up orders are being cancelled via email.

What is going on here? Can it really be that Apple didn’t anticipate the huge popularity of the iPhone 4 or how could they let this happen, they must have known that many 3G users never updated to the 3GS due to the fact they wanted to wait for the new iPhone 4. Plus did they learn nothing from the iPad mishaps??

Were you albe to pre-order your iPhone for the 24th or will you also be waiting until sometime in July?

iPhone 4 pre-orders already reaching 600,000!!!!


Only one day after the pre-orders have started, they have been suspended again, the reason? Apple has already clocked 600,000 pre-orders. This has resulted in both Apple and AT&T suspending their pre-orders at least for a while.

Apple’s shipping dates have been pushed into mid-July, Apple’s reply to the huge popularity of the iPhone:

“Yesterday Apple and its carrier partners took pre-orders for more than 600,000 of Apple’s new iPhone 4. It was the largest number of pre-orders Apple has ever taken in a single day and was far higher than we anticipated, resulting in many order and approval system malfunctions. Many customers were turned away or abandoned the process in frustration. We apologize to everyone who encountered difficulties, and hope that they will try again or visit an Apple or carrier store once the iPhone 4 is in stock.”

600,000 pre-orders, wow what a huge number when you consider that Apple sold 300,000 ipads between pre-orders and in-store sales. Furthermore according to AT&T “the first-day iPhone 4 pre-orders were ten times larger than the iPhone 3GS pre-orders from last year.

According to several sources, Apple’s shipping dates for orders placed now have been pushed back to “by July 14th ”. Customers can no longer reserve a phone for in-store pickup on launch day. All hope shouldn’t be abandoned though, most Apple stores will still have a limited supply of iPhone 4s on hand for walk-up customers, so if you didn’t pre-order you can still try your luck on June 24th.

27-inch iMac gets delayed shipping dates but why?


If you are looking to buy the new 27-inch iMac then you may be out of luck, because this is Apple’s latest hard-to-find product, so hard to find that shipping on new orders have been delayed by two weeks. Now one would think that this would be good news for Apple, this article will show that it really depends on who you ask.

Apple launched the 27-inch iMac in October, when it overhauled its all-in-one line with new sizes and better specs. Last week, the company delayed shipments by two weeks. Computerworld reports that other retailers have followed suit. Mac Connection, and are among the authorized Apple resellers that won’t have the 27-inch iMac in time for Christmas.

While Apple says that the delays on this unit is due to high demand for the all-in-one desktop computer, which is also Apple’s largest model yet. “The new iMac has been a huge hit and we’re working hard to fulfill orders as quickly as possible,” Apple’s official statement says. “We apologize for any inconvenience or delay in delivery this may cause our customers.”

However if you listen to the online chatter on different user forums, then the issues actually lie elsewhere, people have been reporting about cracked screens as well as flickering displays. Of course Apple are sparse with details about these problems, however some experts are now saying the underlying reason for these issues all relate to ATI’s graphics cards.

If you absolutely must have the iMac by then, MacMall’s Web site says the iMac “usually ships within 5 to 7 business days,” and New York retailer B&H has the quad-core 27-inch iMac in stock. However we would really recommend, that you wait a few weeks if possible and then hopefully Apple will have fixed these issues.