Best Time To Launch Your New App is Sunday.

Developers pay attention!

If you are planning to release your App on the Apple App Store, then new research shows that Sunday is the best day to release it. This is according to a 17-week long analysis conducted by Mobilewalla, the mobile analytics firm.

In order to gather reliable data, the company studied the apps released on a daily basis in the iTunes App Store and Android Market between May 16th and September 8th, 2011. The company determined that 91,754 iOS apps were released into the iTunes App Store and 122,220 apps released into the Android Market.

If you are debating whether to release your App on the App Store or on the Android market then consider this according to TechCrunch,  an app released into Apple’s App Store is four times more likely to be discovered than an app released into the Android Market.

If you are wondering what day to avoid, then the answer is simple if your App is for the Android Market, then steer clear of  Thursdays as only 7% of apps reached the top 240 then during the study. On the App Store the worst day for a new release is Friday, with only 10% of apps reaching the top 240.

Apple seeds iOS 5.1 Beta 2 to developers

If you have an Apple Developer Account then now is the time to hit the software update button! Earlier today Apple released iOS 5.1 Beta 2 to the developers.

The biggest change is the addition of a much-requested feature related to the management of photos in the Photo Stream:

NEW: Photos taken using iOS 5.1 can be deleted from Photo Stream on your device and will be removed automatically from Photo Stream on your other iOS 5.1 devices. Older photos can be manually deleted from your iOS 5.1 devices.

The new seed comes just two weeks after the previous iOS 5.1 Beta 1 was seeded on November 28. For more information and additional support resources, visit:

We know a lot of people have been waiting for Apple to add the download feature, how about you do you think Photo Stream has lacked this feature?

iOS 5.1 released to developers!

The iOS 5.1 beta 1 SDK is now available for download by paid devs at the iOS developer site. Sign in with your developer credentials to gain access to the updated SDK. You will need to download and install firmware via iTunes.

Because it cannot be said too often, make sure you read any release notes on-site. For everyone intoxicated by new technologies that might allow you to update using other means, I cannot strongly encourage you enough to go to the site and read the release notes. Installation alerts appear in a big yellow box on the main iOS dev page. The yellow box for 5.1 is larger than ever.

The beta is, as always, released under the terms of Apple’s NDA.

Apple seeds OS X 10.7.3 To Developers

Apple Releases OS X 10.7.3 To Developers

Apple has just seeded OS X 10.7.3 to developers. The update focuses on iCloud document storage and issues relating to several of Apple’s native apps.

Developers are asked to focus on bugs involving iCal, Mail, and Address Book. Apple also warns that installing this 10.7.3 build will prevent one from reverting back to older versions of OS X Lion.

This particular update weighs in at 633MB and the build number is 11D16. A Lion Server update is also offered alongside the regular build, and both files can be downloaded from the Dev Center.

Apple Releases iWork Beta 4

Apple Releases iWork Beta 4 with Added iCloud Integration
Apple has seeded iWork beta 4 to developers with added support for iCloud services in iOS 5. Developers can test the iCloud “Documents and Data” service to sync content wirelessly between iWork apps.

iOS 5 and iCloud should be unveiled to the public this Tuesday alongside the next iPhone. When iWork is officially updated with iCloud support, users will be able to create a document on one device and have it synced wirelessly across other devices and

Apple seeds OS X 10.7.2 to developers

The latest developer seed build of the next version of the Mac’s OS isavailable for download. OS X 10.7.2 build 11C55 is on Apple’s servers, and it reportedly includes iCloud beta features for testing.

iTunes 10.5 beta 8 and iWork for iOS beta 3 released

Apple has provided an eighth beta seed of iTunes 10.5 and a third beta of iWork for iOS to developers. This is the first time in the development cycle for iTunes 10.5 that a new beta for the music player hasn’t simultaneously come alongside a new iOS beta; iOS 5 is still in its seventh beta as of this writing.

Both betas are now available from Apple’s Developer Center.

Developer interest in iOS keeps growing!

A survey by Appcelerator with help from IDC says that developers still favor iOS for making their mobile apps. 91% of devs surveyed said that they were “very interested” in making apps for iPhone, and 86% of those surveyed would like to make apps for iPad.

Developers in the survey said that Android fragmentation among devices as well as multiple app stores are keeping them away from projects on that platform.

Microsoft and RIM, on the other hand, are still waiting on customer adoption — the new BlackBerry Playbook is at 20% interest among developers, and Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 platform is only a little higher than that. At this point in time, Apple has everything developers want: a developer toolkit that’s powerful and relatively easy to use, lots of customers ready to spend money on apps, and a big install base with a solid future. It’s no wonder devs like iOS so much.

Apple Releases Lion Developer Preview 3

Yesterday we reported that Apple had released the  Mac OS X 10.6.8 build, today Apple seeded the Lion Developer Preview 3 to all developers. Though the update shows up in Lion’s Software Update as “Lion Developer Preview Update” it is not a fourth update of Lion Developer Preview 2, but is a completely new version 3 build.

All Software Update says about the new 1.07 GB build is that “The Lion Developer Preview Update is recommended for all users running Mac OS X Lion Developer Preview 2.” However, MacStorieshas confirmed that some of the new features in Developer Preview 3 include a new boot animation, new graphical elements in the Finder’s toolbar, new desktop wallpapers and thatReading List is now enabled in Safari.

Apple seeds next build of Lion Developer Preview 2

It seems as if Apple is getting closer to the final version of their up-coming Mac OS, earlier this week, Apple seeded a new build of Mac OS X 10.7 Lion to developers. The build, labeled version number 11A444d, can be downloaded through Software Update for those of you running previous Lion builds, and weighs in at 1.22 GB.

This is the third release of Lion Developer Preview 2, it is interesting to note that the differences between the previous builds seems to be minimal, so let’s hope Apple is ready for the final launch later this summer.