App developers rush to meet Apple holiday deadline

Apple devices have never been more popular than now, it is expected that millions of new iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches will be unwrapped during this Christmas, of course this means millions more will start downloading apps during this time, making the Christmas season the most profitable time of the year for developers.

“There’s a mad scramble for developers,” said Marc Edwards, lead designer at Bjango, an Australian app maker. “In terms of money, it can be a really big deal.”

So if you know any iOS developers you might have noticed that they seem to have been more stressed than usual these past few days, the reason isn’t that Apple is releasing iOS 6, nope it is simply because they want to release their App on the Apple App Store before Apple freezes the App Store for new submissions and updating.

Some companies like Electronics Arts, that released many top sellers to the App Store release new games right around Christmas, Steven Stamstad, vice president for global marketing, said it started planning 18 to 24 months in advance to make sure it capitalized on the season.

Like every year around Christmas, Apple will close the App Store for new submissions, and this year the date is December 22nd, so if you have a brilliant App that you want to upload to the App store then Thursday is your deadline, the store will be frozen for eight days.

Apple seeds a new build of 10.7.2

As 9to5Mac reports, there’s a brand new build of Lion 10.7.2 out there in the wild for developers, featuring focused work on iCloud, the Mac App Store, MobileMe, and a few other places like Mail, Spotlight, Time Machine, and even things like the AddressBook and graphics drivers.

This is build 11C57, coming only a few days after the last build, 11C55. We’d like to think that the increasing frequency of releases (along with the fact that there are no known issues in this build) means that a public release is right around the corner, but of course Apple is going to take its time.

Apple Seeds OS X Lion 10.7.2 Build 11C48 and iCloud Beta 10 to Developers

Earlier today Apple seeded a new test builds of OS X 10.7.2 and iCloud for OS X developers, continuing to quickly move forward with testing of iCloud. As with the previous interval, the updates come exactly one week after the previous seeds. We’ve yet to hear about any specific changes in the latest seeds, but Apple has been asking developer to target AirPort, AppKit, GraphicsDrivers, iCal, iChat, Mac App Store, Mail, Spotlight, and Time Machine with the last several builds of OS X 10.7.2.

Apple has announced that it will be launching iOS 5 and iCloud this fall, and the company has been rumored to be launching new iPhone hardware in early-to-mid October, with iOS 5 and iCloud should be going live right around that same time. Apple earlier this week began developer testing on iTunes Match, a paid service that stores all of a user’s music in the cloud for access from any Internet-connected iOS device or computer.

Apple Seeds OS X 10.7.2 to Developers

Apple today released a pair of new beta updates to developers, pushing out OS X Lion 10.7.2 Build 11C37 and a seventh beta version of the iCloud add-on installer.This pre-release version of OS X Lion 10.7.2 is being provided solely for testing iCloud and updates the public release of OS X Lion and any earlier seed of OS X Lion 10.7.2.

If you installed a previous seed of OS X Lion 10.7.2, please run the included reversioner package followed by the OS X Lion 10.7.2 update without restarting your system. You should restart your system after installing the OS X Lion 10.7.2 Update.

Apple releases Find My Mac to developers

Since Apple has enabled the testing of iCloud they have also added the support for Find My Mac to registered OS X developers. Just like Find My iPhone, Find My Mac allows users to locate their Macs from any web browser or iOS device. When found, you can choose to play a sound or send a message on the Mac; you can also remote lock or remote wipe the Mac. Just remember that if you  remote lock and wipe your Mac you will be unable to  locate the Mac again at a later time.

The Find My Mac feature will be free. All you’ll need to use it will be OS X Lion and a free iCloud membership. iCloud is expected to debut this fall.

Apple asks developers to update Apps for iPad 2 launch

Earlier Apple posted a note on the iOS Dev Center as well as on the webpage that lists the new features of the upcoming iOS 4.3, in this note Apple is asking developers to update their apps for the iPad 2, in order to take advantage of the improved hardware performances of the device.

With a new A5 dual-core chip running at 1 Ghz per core, Apple clearly mentions that most operations inside applications will be faster “ouf of the box” but developers can further tune their software with tools like OpenGL Profiler for “greater performance”.

Officially Apple still hasn’t stated how much RAM went inside the iPad 2, however they did mention that the A5 chip alone should be twice as fast than the A4 in iPad 1 with graphic performances up to 9x faster.

Developers are also asked to enhance their apps “with new user experiences” thanks to the iPad 2 cameras and gyroscope + accelerometer. Apple has put the focus on the precision granted by the combination of gyroscope and accelerometer with “6-axis of motion sensing, including user acceleration, full 3D attitude, and rotation rate”.

As previously reported the iPad 2 will be released on March 11 and it will come with a special version of iOS 4.3 (containing FaceTime and Photo Booth) pre-installed.

Apple seeds Mac OS X 10.6.6 to developers.

Even though the latest update to Mac OS X 10.6.5 still hasn’t been released to end users yet, Apple has already started seeding early builds of 10.6.6 to developers.

A few days ago we posted that the release of 10.6.5 is just around the corner, so the news of Apple working on 10.6.6 only confirms the rumors.

If you look at the size of the 10.6.6 download you will see that with 3.7 MB the changes to the operating system wont be earth shattering, however what will be a huge change will be the release of the Mac App Store which is expected to be included in the new build.

If you have already downloaded the build and have noticed any huge changes please feel free to drop us a comment.

Apple updates the iTunes App Store

Apple updated the look of their App Store individual app pages, which brings it in line with the rest of the iTunes 9 design, which was revealed a few months ago. The changes will be of primary interest to App Store developers who rely on the App Store pages to drive sales.

Changes include:

Much larger icon is shown
The larger icons mean developers will now have to think more about the icons and not just throw something together in a matter of minutes.

Multiple screenshots are more obvious to viewer
The layout of the screenshots will make them easier on the eyes for the users.

App description is truncated to the first 2 lines by default.
Of course the users can expand to see the rest of the description, however it is estimated that 80% will not use this feature, which means the developers need to be on point with their description and not ramble on for ages and ages about how awesome their program is.

More apps by the same developer are listed automatically
This is a great idea because often if you like one program by developer you might be more interested in seeing what else they have created without having to search through the whole store.