Apple kills the White MacBook

With the launch of the new Sandy Bridge MacBook Air models, Apple has sent its US$999 MacBook to the graveyard. All links for the older white MacBook model are gone from Apple’s website and now redirect to the Mac landing page.

Apple’s white MacBook has been a hit with students and those with a tight budget for some time, but with the huge success of the MacBook Air since its refresh in October, there no longer seems to be a need for the white MacBook.

Though we will miss the venerable white model, it only makes sense. The new 13-inch MacBook Air is souped up enough to replace the MacBook for most people and the Air’s US$999 price tag is reasonable. If a grand is too much to drop, the new Core i5 Mac Mini may fit the bill with its starting price tag of $599.

Apple discontinues wired compact keyboard

AppleInsider reported earlier that Apple has quietly discontinued its compact wired keyboard. Remember keyboard which was identical to the current Apple wireless keyboard with the addition of two USB ports, one on each side.

The keyboard has been removed from Apple’s online store, however remains available on Amazon for US$46.99. For now, it appears that Apple is still selling its wired Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad for US$49 in the Apple online store.

Apple also offers a compact Apple Wireless Keyboard for US$69 — the same Bluetooth keyboard ships with existing desktop Mac models.

Apple discontinues Cinema Display 24-inch and 30-inch.

Yesterday Apple introduced the new 27-inch LED Cinema Display which we think is an amazing upgrade to their product line-up, however today we found out that the beauty came with a price tag, Apple has decided to discontinue the 24- and 30-inch displays.

Honestly we were a little disappointed in this news since we find the 30-incher to be an amazing display, with a perfect size for those serious about photo and movie editing. The bright point in all of this is that according to Apple vice president of hardware marketing, David Moody, if you want Apple’s biggest display, you still have an opportunity to buy it: Apple will continue to sell the 24- and 30-inch Cinema Displays until their stock runs out.