Apple releases update to Final Cut Pro X

If you have been having issues with Final Cut Pro then this is great news Apple released an update for you today. It’s a small bug fix for those having problems with title fonts and start times on compound clips.

The latest version is now 10.0.2 and includes these changes:

  • Fixes an issue where a title may revert to the default font after restarting Final Cut Pro X
  • Resolves an issue that could cause files recorded with certain third-party mobile devices to play back incorrectly
  • Addresses a stability issue caused by changing the start time on a Compound Clip

Final Cut Pro X is available for US$299 in the Mac App Store, current users can simply update the app for the changes.

Final Cut Pro X Update adds Free 30 Day Trial and XML Import

Responding to mass rioting amongst its users, Apple promised as far back as July that they would eventually be restoring XML support in Final Cut Pro X. Now it’s finally here, along with numerous other improvements.

After much criticism Apple has added a 30-day free trial, which means Apple won’t have to repay money for those users who are unhappy with their purchase.

Obviously, the biggest addition in FInal Cut Pro X’s update is the ability to import and export project in XML, meaning that users can now take XML formatted projects from FCP7 and other editing software and edit them in FCPX. In other words, Final Cut Pro X just gained a semblance of backwards compatibility.

In addition, here’s what is new:

• Support for events and projects through Xsan, the company’s technology that allows multiple computers to concurrently access storage

• Support for media stems (or audio channeling). This lets users assign a “role” to media once it’s imported, so that when it’s time to export things like dialogue, sound effects and soundtracks, those exports can be done in a single pass.

• Custom starting timecodes

• Full-screen view toggle for Mac OS X Lion users

• GPU-accelerated export (was previously only CPU-based)

Final Cut Pro X 10.1 is available through the Mac App Store either as an update or for purchase.

Sales of Adobe video tools rise as Final Cut X disappoints!

Final Cut Pro X launched earlier this year and casued much controversy. Consumers lauded the app as a relatively inexpensive upgrade to iMovie; while video professionals were discontent with what they considered to be a dumbed down application.

The biggest winner in this war over Final Cut Pro X is not Apple or Apple fans, but Adobe. According to The Loop, sales of Adobe video editing tools have jumped 22% year over year and demand for Adobe’s Mac products have grown an impressive 45%. Much of this growth is attributed to customers switching from Final Cut Pro X to Adobe Premiere Pro, says Adobe.

Final Cut Express is dead!

Now that some Tuesday’s Final Cut Pro X is available, additional details about Apple’s pro video edition solution are available.

Engadget has confirmed with Apple that there won’t be a boxed (studio suite) version of Final Cut Pro X. Instead, it will only be available for download through the Mac App Store, alongside separate purchases of Motion(US$49.99) and Compressor ($49.99).

Also, there will be no special upgrade price for owners of previous versions of Final Cut Pro, but with the new price point, it’s hard to really complain about that. Finally, Engadget confirms that the days of Final Cut Express are over — it’s either iMovie or Final Cut Pro X from Apple.

AppleInsider corroborates these claims, but adds Final Cut Server to the list. According to “a person familiar with Apple’s retail operations,” AppleInsider reports that Final Cut Server has been discontinued as of June 21.

Apple posts Final Cut Pro X, Motion and Compressor user manuals.


To access the user manuals online, use the following links:

The manuals are also available in-app from the ‘Help’ menu.

Final Cut Pro X launches for $299 in the Mac App Store!!!

Previously we reported that Apple would release Final Cut Pro X sometime in June, well finally that day is here,  Final Cut Pro X is now available for $299.99 via the Mac App store, and the accompanying Motion and Compressor apps are $49.99 each. This pricing represents a dramatic drop versus the previous edition of the suite.

FCP X is a completely new version of the editing app, with the new Magnetic Timeline (trackless editing) and clip connections to link effects/title elements to primary footage. Your raw videos can be tagged with keywords, collected, analyzed and organized easily with the new content management library tools. The app’s internal plumbing has been overhauled to make it 64-bit, entirely Cocoa, fully parallel and all-around faster (it now leverages the GPU for effects and can render in the background).

You can read the full Press Release below:

CUPERTINO, California-June 21, 2011-Apple® today announced Final Cut Pro® X, a revolutionary new version of the world’s most popular Pro video editing software which completely reinvents video editing with a Magnetic Timeline that lets you edit on a flexible, trackless canvas; Content Auto-Analysis that categorizes your content upon import by shot type, media and people; and background rendering that allows you to work without interruption. Built on a modern 64-bit architecture, Final Cut Pro X is available from the Mac® App Store™ for $299.99.”Final Cut Pro X is the biggest advance in Pro video editing since the original Final Cut Pro,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing. “We have shown it to many of the world’s best Pro editors, and their jaws have dropped.”

“I’m blown away by what Apple has done with Final Cut Pro,” said Angus Wall, Academy Award-winning film editor. “Final Cut Pro X is incredibly modern and fast, but most importantly it lets you focus on telling your story in the most creative way, while it actively manages all of the technical details.”

At the heart of Final Cut Pro X is the Magnetic Timeline, a trackless approach to editing your footage that lets you add and arrange clips wherever you want them, while other clips instantly slide out of the way. You can use Clip Connections to link primary story clips to other elements like titles and sound effects, so they stay in perfect sync when you move them. You can even combine related story elements into a Compound Clip that can be edited as a single clip. The groundbreaking new Auditions feature lets you swap between a collection of clips to instantly compare alternate takes.

Content Auto-Analysis scans your media on import and tags your content with useful information. Final Cut Pro X then uses that information to dynamically organize your clips into Smart Collections, so you can easily find the clips you want by close up, medium and wide shots as well as media type and the number of people in the shot. You can also tag parts of clips with Range-based keywords to add custom search criteria to your media.

Completely rebuilt from the ground up, Final Cut Pro X is a 64-bit app that takes full advantage of the latest Mac hardware and software so you never have to wait for the next edit, even if you’re working with 4K video. Final Cut Pro X uses multi-threaded processing and the GPU on your graphics card for blazing fast background rendering and superb real-time playback performance. Additionally, a ColorSync-managed color pipeline ensures color consistency from import to output.

Final Cut Pro X also includes powerful tools for audio editing and color correction, and is complemented by two companion apps, Motion 5 for professional motion graphics and Compressor 4 for advanced media encoding, available from the Mac App Store for $49.99 each.

Pricing & Availability
Final Cut Pro X is available today for $299.99 from the Mac App Store. Motion 5 and Compressor 4 are available today for $49.99 each from the Mac App Store. Full system requirements and more information on Final Cut Pro X can be found at

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