LAPD seize $10 million fake iPods and iPhones.


In the past fee years there has been a growing problem for Apple, “Counterfeits” as the iPhone and iPod have gained popularity among consumers, they are also becoming more popular among counterfeiters.

Now however LAPD has made a giant leap in the fight against fakes, Port police in Los Angeles busted a counterfeit iDevice operation with a warehouse full of fakes with an estimated market value of $10 million.

“This was a well-funded operation, and the counterfeits looked very authentic,” said Ron Boyd, chief of the approximately 200-member L.A. Port Police force, adding that a buyer might not have noticed anything awry until he or she got home and tried to hook up with iTunes.

During the course of the investigation, police found bank account receipts that indicate the operation had already generated more than $7 million in profits.

400 iTunes accounts involved in fraudulent purchases…

Last week Apple banned Thuat Nguyen and his apps because the violated the developer program license agreement. The reason was that “fraudulent purchases of his applications were made from around 400 accounts”, according to Apple.

Apple then added that “The iTunes servers were not compromised,” and no confidential information was leaked. Apple has advised the users who suspect that their accounts have been breached to cancel the credit card which they use with iTunes, as well as change their iTunes password.

Apple has confirmed that they are currently taking measures to improve security, and users can expect to be more frequently asked for the CCV number on their credit cards. If you are unfamiliar with the CCV number, it is the code which is found on the back of the credit card and consists of 3 digits.

If you have fallen victim to any iTunes frauds leave us a comment.