For A Limited Time Angry Birds Rio For iPhone And iPad is Free


If you are like me you prefer to play games for free, well now is your chance to take advantage of the promo Rovio is having on their Angry Birds Rio game. You can download Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Rio HD from the App Store for free right now.

Even though it doesn’t have all the crazy new action of Angry Birds Star Wars, or Angry Birds In Space, there’s still a lot of fun to be had in Angry Birds Rio. The app has been made the “Free App of the Week,” so you have a few days to take advantage of the special before it goes back to costing $0.99 and $2.99.

Duke Nukem Forever to come to Mac in August!

Aspyr Media, the company behind several PC to Mac ports, has posted on its blog that it will be bringing the long-awaited Duke Nukem sequel, titled Duke Nukem Forever, to the Mac.

The game which is perhaps well known for its legendary development period,  finally arrived on PC and consoles recently, however the game didn’t please the fans who had been waiting for a really long time, the game  generally earned mediocre reviews across the board.

Aspyr’s version will be out in August, and it’s offering a 10% discount on pre-orders right now, there’s still no word of any version of the game coming to iOS.

Valve makes Team Fortress 2 free for all


For those of you who have been wanting to play Team Fortress 2 but haven’t been willing to fork over the cash for it, here is some amazing news. Valve has turned its excellent team-based shooter Team Fortress 2 into an entirely free-to-play experience.

The game was originally one of the biggest titles Valve brought over when Steam was made compatible with the Mac, so it’s 100% OS X seaworthy — just install Steam and you’re good to get the game.

Frisbee Forever the first “Official” Frisbee game

Frisbee Forever is a universal game for the iPad and iPhone that allows users to hone their Frisbee skills on more than 100 obstacle courses. Flick the Frisbee to start, then tilt your iDevice to guide it through hoops, past wind turbines, and through tunnels, collecting as many stars as you can along the way. Once you have enough stars and experience you can unlock other levels, including an amusement park, the Old West, and the Caribbean.

You can also unlock bonus levels along the way which offer some more challenging courses, and you can upgrade your Frisbee’s design.The only thing this game is missing is Game Center support. However, since it’s free there’s no reason not to download this game.


Kanex XD Lets You Use Your Console & Blu-ray Player With Your iMac

This will be interesting for the gamers among you, if you own a 27-inch iMac or 27-inch Apple LCD Cinema Display, then you can connect your console to the screen. The Kanex XD enables you to take any device with a HDMI connection – such as your PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, or Blu-ray player – and hook it up to your iMac or Cinema Display via the Mini DisplayPort connector.

It’s perfect for casual gaming at your desk or catching a Blu-ray in your lunch hour, and it’s a great way to make the most out of your expensive Apple display. It looks great. Its small, sleek and sophisticated aluminum design will look right at home the moment you place the XD next to your Apple iMac or Cinema Display..

Setup is completely effortless: take your XD out of the box and plug it into the power outlet, then connect the HDMI cable from your source to one end and the Mini DisplayPort cable from your iMac to the other. All cables are supplied with the XD, so you won’t need anything extra to get you going.

If you’re stuck in a small office or apartment and you don’t really have room for both a TV and a big Apple display, using the XD to turn your existing Apple equipment into a TV works incredibly well.

1 in 4 iPad users mostly use the iPad for games.

While the iPad is still only a first generation piece of hardware, it is already leaving a large impression on the technology landscape, from roots to horizon.

In the past we have reported that the iPad is projected to take over the net book market, possibly cannibalize the sales of the iPhone or iPod touch, perhaps even threaten the “normal” computer market.

So what’s next for the wonder device, well according to a recent online survey conducted by Resolve Market Research, even though the iPad was introduced to make surfing the web and watching movies on the go easier, in the end it might just be the gaming capacity of the device that may end up being device’s greatest asset further down the road.

The research showed that 28% of respondents who didn’t own an iPad felt that one of their primary uses for the tablet would be playing games, and only 23% percent felt that the iPad would be the most enjoyable device they owned for playing games.

At the same time the answers among those who already owned an iPad indicated that 38% of the tablet owners polled had no plans to buy other portable gaming devices now that they had an iPad.

Perhaps the guys at Nintendo were on the right track when they announced that Apple was the new enemy.

It will be interesting to see in the future if the device will become a bigger threat to the gaming world.