iPad 2 priciest in Denmark, cheapest in the US!

Since the iPad 2 launched, several news agencies have compared the prices in different countries to see how expensive the iPad really is, most recently Reuters calculated the price of the device across Europe in comparison to the United States. The device starts at $499 in the United States for the 16 GB model and with taxes in the U.S., the device has an average total price of $547.

This compares to Europe in which most iPad 2-selling nations use the Euro as their form of currency. The iPad 2 starts at 479 euros in Europe and that converts to $678, interesting however is that Denmark seems to be the most expensive European country for the iPad, the iDevice starts at a converted $702 in Denmark, which means the iPad 2, before taxes, is over $200 cheaper in the United States than in Denmark.

Deutsche Telekom taking iPhone 5 pre-orders

Well this is certainly interesting, Deutsche Telekom (DT) has begun taking pre-orders for the so-called “iPhone 5,” the next generation of Apple’s immensely popular smartphone. Here’s the odd part according to a spokesman for the carrier they “have barely more information than we do.” A spokesman for the carrier confirmed to Bloomberg that it’s taking pre-orders as of today. Deutsche Telekom is concerned with supply shortages, and wants to help its customers secure one of the little guys.

DT admits that it does not now when the iPhone will be released, what it will be called, we think the most likely choice will be iPhone 5, but who knows, what the features will be and so on. DT adds that:

Deutsche Telekom AG (DTE) will allow customers to reserve the next generation of Apple Inc. (AAPL)’s iPhone as of today in anticipation of supply bottlenecks for the device, spokesman Alexander von Schmettow said by phone. The operator will hand out coupons to people who expressly request the successor model to the iPhone 4, without providing the name or release details of the device. 

Apple updates MacBook Air!

Copied from TUAW.com

As rumored over the past few weeks, the MacBook Air has been updated hot on the heels of the release of OS X Lion. The update sees a few welcome upgrades to the hardware, including the return of backlit keyboards and an upgrade of the base RAM from 2 to 4 GB. The 11-inch MacBook Air now comes with a 128 GB SSD, far roomier than the cramped 64 GB last generation’s base model had.

The MacBook Air’s CPU has seen significant upgrades to Intel’s “Sandy Bridge” architecture. The base CPU is an Intel Core i5 clocked at 1.6 GHz, and build-to-order options exist to bump the CPU as high as a 1.8 GHz Intel Core i7. These are by far the fastest processors the MacBook Air has ever had, and while it’ll likely be a couple days before they’re benchmarked, they have the potential to be around as powerful as a 2008-model MacBook Pro.

The MacBook Air has also gained a Thunderbolt I/O port, bringing it in line with the MacBook Pro and iMac updates from earlier this year. The Thunderbolt port replaces the MacBook Air’s former Mini DisplayPort and gives it the fastest port yet seen on Apple’s ultraportable line.

Tech specs of the new MacBook Air models are below.


  • 1.6 GHz Intel Core i5 CPU (1.8 GHz Core i7 build-to-order)
  • Intel HD Graphics 3000
  • one model with 2 GB RAM and 64 GB SSD; another with 4 GB and 128 GB SSD
  • Thunderbolt, Two USB ports
  • OS X Lion
  • Available now for US$999 and $1199


  • 1.7 GHz Intel Core i5 CPU (1.8 GHz Core i7 build-to-order)
  • Intel HD Graphics 3000
  • 4 GB RAM (8 GB build-to-order)
  • 128 or 256 GB SSD
  • Thunderbolt, Two USB ports, SD Card port
  • OS X Lion
  • Available now for $1299 (128 GB) or $1599 (256 GB)

The latest models will go on sale online today and starting tomorrow Thursday, July 21 in retail stores.

Will Apple release new Hardware within the next few days?

Yesterday many news sites were speculating that Apple would release new Mac Pros and MacBook Airs, now however it seems as if these speculations might have been wrong, 9to5Mac.com has  obtained some new information which states that the part numbers for new Mac Pros are not yet available. Instead, these part numbers are actually for an upgraded white MacBook and new Mac mini line.

Apple’s new white MacBook likely with Thunderbolt ports and faster processors:

MC914LL/A – J59, BEST – USA

In addition, Apple is about to launch a new Mac mini line with both a standard model and a server model. It appears that there is a third model as well – probably with a faster processor – but this model is most likely a built-to-order option through the Apple online store:

MC936LL/A – J40, ULTIMATE – USA – Mac mini Server
MC815LL/A – J40I, BETTER – USA – Mac mini standard configuration
MC816LL/A – J40, BEST – USA Faster Mac mini (likely BTO)

The MacBook Air part numbers were correct and they are still coming very soon. We are still expecting new Mac Pros later this month after the release of Mac OS X Lion or  at the latest early next month.

The Apple Store is down! (UPDATED!)

The yellow sticky note of doom has appeared, and the Apple Store is down. Usually, the Saturday night/early Sunday morning down time is for general maintenance, however with the upcoming Lion release perhaps we will see some new hardware!

As soon as the store is back up, we will let you know!


It seems as if nothing has changed, however if you do notice anything different, feel free to let us know.

Apple Releases Thunderbolt Cable.

Screen Shot 2011 06 28 at 12 34 37
The latest addition to Apple’s online store is a fancy new high-speed Thunderbolt cable designed to connect your Thunderbolt-equipped devices to the latest iMacs and MacBook Pros.

Thunderbolt technology supports blazing-fast data transfer with two independent channels of 10Gbit/s each. Use the Apple Thunderbolt cable to connect your Thunderbolt-equipped peripherals to your new iMac or new MacBook Pro.

The cable is 2 meters long and costs $49 in the U.S. and £39 in the U.K.

Apple Quietly Updates AirPort Extreme but nothing changed?

It had long been rumored, and now it’s official Apple updated its AirPort Extreme wireless base station yesterday — not long after thenew Time Capsules entered the online store. But other than a different model number, we can’t seem to find any changes.

It seems the new unit is exactly the same as its predecessor. The device continues to sell for $179 and now sports a model number of MD031AM/A instead of the MC340AM/A, which featured on its predecessor, but Apple advertises no new specifications.

The new iMac does 450 Mb/s WiFi

Wow, we knew that the latest iMac family had loads of  overlooked enhancement, and this is no exception, the Imac sports  souped up WiFi capable of hitting 450 Mbps speeds over wireless networks. Hardmac spotted a reference to this capability in the iMac’s system information. Apple first brought rhe 450Mbps WiFi features in the 2011 MacBook Pro family, but they haven’t been actively advertising it.

Apple changed their Airport card and also installed 3 antennas (instead of 2 before), something indispensable to be able simultaneously to use 3 channels of 150 Mbits/s.

According to 9to5mac.com  to take advantage of the 450Mbps data transfer you need a compatible base station (either the current-generation Airport Extreme or Time Capsule). Make sure to connect to the base station using the 802.11n mode on the five gigahertz band GHz, with the simultaneous dual-band mode turned on.

Apple updates Boot Camp for Thunderbolt iMacs

boot camp

With new iMacs comes new software. Apple has released a Boot Camp update for Thunderbolt iMacs. The small update (the download is just 638 KB) can be found via Software Update or Apple’s website and offers a specific fix. According to Apple, the update

“…addresses issues with Japanese and Korean keyboards on early 2011 iMac.”

If you’ve been having struggling with this issue, on the iMac you can’t possibly have received yet, here’s the update for you.