Create your own server with RackMac Mini

Since Apple has decided to kill off the XServe once and for all, it seems as if we are left with very few options when it comes to fitting the existing Mac server options into a standard 1U rack space… or is there?

Enters…. The RackMac mini by Sonnet Tech , the device allows system admins to install two Mac minis in a standard rackmount enclosure while allowing full access to the CD drive, power LEDs and even the IR port on the unibody mini. Each kit costs $16.

And then there was the “iPad Velcro”….

First there was “velcro” then there was the “iPad” and now there is the “iPad Velcro” iPad owner Jesse Rosten had the brilliant idea of combining velcro with the iPad in order to create an amazing iPad holder. In the video above Rosten shows different places where you can attach the iPad with velcro, both in the car and on the wall.

The video is just magical, in fact, the video’s so good that Apple themselves have chosen to highlight it on the official iPad webpage…