Apple releases 12 Days of Christmas app for European customers

Throughout the past few years Apple has a holiday promotion that gives away free music, movies or apps via their 12 Days of Christmas app. The giveaway starts December 26 and ends January 6. Each day there’s a new seasonal treat to download, and the app notifies users when the promotion goes live. If you download the app however be sure to download the offers on a daily basis, since they are well daily meaning they only last for 24 hours.

European readers with an iPhone or iPad can download the 12 Days of Christmas app from the App Store. According to AppleInsider, the app will be available to Canadian customers soon.

Apple is Australia’s top mobile brand

We have long known that the iPhone is very popular “down under”, well now IDC reports  that the number has grown enough to make the iPhone the top smartphone in Australia!

According to the report Apple currently holds a 40% market share of Australia’s smartphone market, a rise of about 10% quarter-to-quarter. Android has a 30% share, while Symbian is plunging to a third place 22%.

Meanwhile, Comscore is reporting that the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch account for 50% of Australia’s mobile traffic, while Android devices consume 10.5%. Comscore is also reporting that the iPad is the dominant tablet in Australia, which is no surprise, as that aligns with numbers collected from other countries.

How to install iMovie on a 1st-generation iPad

When Apple presented the new iMovie and GarageBand for the iPad many iPad 1 owners were wondering if they would also receive the Apps. Now however it has become clear that while GarageBand works on the older brother as well, the new version of iMovie only works on the new iPad generation.

However some original iPad owners were not content with Apple’s limitation and sought a way to install iMovie on Apple’s fist generation tablet. Here are the steps they devised:

  1. Before your start, backup your iPad in case something goes horribly wrong
  2. Purchase (US$4.99) and download the latest version of iMovie (version 1.2 on 3/11/2011)
  3. Download and install the iPhone Configuration Utility (IPCU) from Apple. Version 3.3 forMac or Windows
  4. Launch IPCU and click on the Library —-> Applications. If iMovie is present in this list, then this step is completed and you can move to step 5. If iMovie is not present, then you will need to add it manually by clicking on the “Add” button and selecting the application from the “/Users/[my account]/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Mobile Applications” folder
  5. Within IPCU, navigate to devices, select your iPad and click on the applications associated with the tablet device. Scroll down to iMovie and select the “Install” button to add the application to your device.
  6. Wait a few seconds to iMovie to install onto your tablet.
  7. Quit IPCU and restart your iPad.
  8. Launch iMovie and edit movies that were imported from your iTunes library.

While the App works, you need to know that when you try to sync iTunes with your iOS device, then you will receive the alert that this device is no longer authorized for use with your iTunes account.

This error arises from the unexpected presence of iMovie on your first generation iPad. At this point, you can authorize it and let iTunes process your response and prompt you again. You can also click “Don’t Authorize” and let iTunes remove iMovie from your iPad or click cancel and move on.

Unfortunately, this annoyance with iTunes will continue until you remove iMovie. A small price to pay in order to edit video on your first generation Apple tablet.

Apple releases iMovie and Garageband for iPad


As expected, iMovie and GarageBand are now available on the App Store for the iPad 2 when it releases later on this week. iMovie is actually just a universal update, since the app was already available for the iPhone, but it won’t run on the original iPad (GarageBand will, however).

Both apps are available for $4.99. Note that the GarageBand download is pretty big at 370 MB, so if your iPad is already pretty full, you’ll have to delete some apps or media.

Apple Seeds iOS 4.3 Golden Master to Developers

Apple has just released the golden master version of iOS 4.3. iOS 4.3 includes personal hotspot, a faster Safari engine, new AirPlay features and more. The public release of iOS 4.3 launches March 11th alongside the iPad 2.

The update is available in versions for the iPad, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and third- and fourth-generation iPod touch, while the iPad 2 will of course also ship with iOS 4.3 installed.

The new 4.3 firmware will include many new improvements, including enhanced AirPlay and Personal Hotspot support.

If you are a paid developer, head on over to the Apple iOS developer site to download your SDK and firmware. You will need to sign in with your credentials in order to get behind the paid firewall for these items.

Mobile iTunes gets Genius recommendations

The desktop version of the iTunes Store has hadGenius recommendations for quite some time, but the feature has been missing from the iPhone/iPod touch version of the Store — until now. Tapping on the “More” tab at the bottom of the iTunes Store app will reveal the usual options, with a new option for Genius recommendations.

Just like on the desktop version, you’ll be able to view recommendations for music, movies, and TV shows based on your purchase history. You can preview recommendations and rate them “thumbs up” or “thumbs down.” Results for music recommendations can be filtered to show songs or albums, and you can also filter results by genre.

Just like the recent introduction of search filtering in the iPad’s App Store app, you don’t need to download anything to start using the new Genius features. All the necessary changes have already been made on Apple’s servers, so you can start tapping away and previewing Genius recommendations on your iOS device whenever you’re ready.

90% of all iOS users run 4.X

Chances are at least some of you have Bump installed on your iOS device, according to the guys behind the iPhone app that allows you to quickly and easily exchange contacts by bumping hands their App has been installed on more than 25 million devices.

Now they have released a set of stats about its users that says almost 90% of 25 million users are already running some version of iOS 4.0 or above. Furthermore they state that 10% of its users are still running some form of iOS 3.0, and just two percent of users are stuck back on iOS 2.0. Within the 4.0 crowd, 52.89% are running the latest version of 4.2.1, with 27.5% still running 4.1.

EA price war!


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As we previously reported, EA dropped prices on most of its iOS apps this week, and that sale sent shockwaves through the App Store’s holiday season. We’ve seen tons of awesome new apps hit the store in the past few weeks, but if you look at the Top Paid apps right now, most of them are older EA favorites. EA currently has six of the top 10 apps on the store (with Battlefield: Bad Company 2 leading the way — a big name title released for just 99 cents), and it’s peppered throughout the rest of the top 50 as well. The biggest recent release on the list is probably Infinity Blade, which, despite extremely solid reviews and lots of press about its release, is currently down at number 16.

In short, EA has kicked off a price war, and there’s a time limit on this one. Apple is freezing the charts on December 23rd, which means that any games in the top 200 at that time will remain there over the all-important Christmas holiday, the point at which we’ve seen the biggest jumps in App Store sales (due to all the new hardware out there under the tree).

At least one big publisher has already responded in kind — Gamevil has announced a price drop on many of its apps, including the just-released Illusia and Nom, although it couldn’t make it down to the 99 cent price that EA is offering. I would say look out for more big sales in the next few days. Companies have had a lot of success with App Store sales in the past, and as we get closer to that holiday freeze and the ensuing burst of sales, they’re much more likely to start pulling out the big guns.