Siri hacked now works on iPhone 4 and iPod Touch

iPhone experts Steven Troughton Smith and chpwn seem to have just gotten the iPhone 4S-only Siri working on jailbroken iPhone 4 and current-gen iPod touch units this evening. This bypasses earlier authentication issues. Theytweeted their success and posted a screen shot showing Siri working via Wi-Fi (the Airplane Mode icon just means that 3G is turned off, but it is possible to turn Wi-Fi back on even in AM; that’s what they did.)

Their success comes just weeks after the iPhone 4S debuted. Since Apple’s back-end systems are checking for iPhone 4S devices before processing Siri queries, they managed to work around this limitation. The hack is based on moving compiled code components from a 4S to the older units.

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Apple has unveiled the new iCloud homepage as of early this morning. While many users are saying they can’t log in, several people,  myself included, have been able to access the services, it does seem however as if you need to create your iCloud account through iOS 5 which will be released later today.

Not all of the features are enabled yet, mostly the iWork apps because they require an update to the iOS apps that hasn’t been pushed out yet. But we will keep you posted on any updates over the next few days!

Apple releases iOS 5 Golden Master


Yesterday Apple announced that iOS 5 would get an October 12 release date. 5. Today Apple already posted the Golden Master (GM) release of iOS 5 to developers, with a build number of 9A334.

Apple notes that users

“must use iTunes 10.5 beta 7 to install iOS 5 GM seed on your devices. iOS 5 GM seed is not available via over the air software update”

Furthermore they encourage users to back up their devices via iCloud before installing the GM.

Apple posted a GM seed of Xcode 4.2 as well, and notes that:

The GM seed “can now be used to submit iOS 5 applications to the App Store for review.”

Since the GM doesn’t require a developer account this release is available for everyone to use, due to copyright infringements we can’t post the downloads here, but there are several sites which provide how to guides as well as the files needed.

iOS 5 and iCloud get October 12th Release date!!!

Apple has announced that its next-generation mobile OS, iOS 5, will launch to the public on October 12. It will be a free upgrade for the iPad, iPad 2, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and the third- and fourth-generation iPod touches.

iOS 5 includes a number of new features, including a revamped notifications system, improved Camera app, iMessages, and many other tweaks and improvements.

Furthermore Apple will also unleash iCloud to the public on October 12th!

iOS 5 includes early earthquake warning notifications for Japanese iPhone users

Following the devestating earthquake in Japan earlier this year, Apple has added a new early earthquake warning notification option to iOS 5. iOS 5 users in Japan can turn on early earthquake notifications at the very bottom of the iOS 5 Notification Center settings pane. As you can see above, all the user has to do is flick a switch to start receiving these notifications. According to Time, who profiled Japan’s earthquake warning system earlier this year, the system gives warnings from seconds to one or two minutes before the earthquake hits. Time also explains the history of the system:

Japan has the most advanced earthquake early-warning system in the world. A nationwide online system launched in 2007, it detects tremors, calculates an earthquake’s epicenter and sends out brief warnings from its 1,000-plus seismographs scattered throughout the country, one of the most earthquake-prone nations on the planet.

For those who cannot read the text above, it also warns that the feature may reduce your battery life because it is always connected to Japan’s earthquake warning system. This new notification options truly showcases Apple’s commitment to safety for those in Japan.

iOS 5 lets you delete numbers that have called you!

Have you received phone calls that you don’t want your partner to see, when then there is a new app for that, in iOS 5, you can just delete the record of that call, no jailbreak required.

Even though the option of deleting record of received or made calls has been pretty easy with a jailbroken phone, Apple’s finally decided to enable to functionality in the call log of the first iOS 5 beta.

Just remember that while this option removes the numbers from your phone you still need to get the mailbox before your significant other gets there.